Friday, 11 October 2013

The Body Shop- White Musk Libertine Shower and Moisture Set.

Body shopping is always fun, no? I am going to be reviewing The Body Shops White Musk Libertine cube set. 
This set consists of:
  1. White mush libertine body wash 60ml
  2. White musk libertine body lotion, 60ml
  3. Bath lily/ Shower puff. 
What does The Body Shop say about this Set?
Answer: Fragranced with White Musk Libertine, a blend of three musks combined with floral accords and a hint of Turkish delight. With cruelty free musk.

This set comes in a pink coloured cube set. The packaging is really cute! 
This body shop range has a typical fragrance like other Body Shop products. It has a floral-fragrance.

  • Body Wash:
It comes in a 60-ml bottle. I use the shower gel every other day. The product is not really runny in consistency which is a good thing. This way you wont end up with a huge amount of product at one go. I smell really amazing after the shower. And the fragrance stays there for around an hour. My skin feels smooth and really good. I like the bottle packaging. Once you're finished with the product you can re-use the bottle with some other thing. So in my view the bottle is re-usable. The quantity is enough to be lasted for a good two months if you use it everyday. And longer than that if you use it alternatively as very small amount is needed. Pour a small amount of gel on the shower puff and it makes a good amount of lather, which is enough to be used for the entire body.

  • Body Lotion:
This lotion comes in a 60-ml bottle too. The body lotion, unlike the shower gel is white in colour. Not very runny in consistency. I love the musk smell. One feels totally refreshed! I use this body lotion after taking a shower. The lotion is not a very good moisturiser though, but it helps with the skin smelling really good. I carry the lotion in my make-up pouch all the time with me so whenever I need a boost of good fragrance or whenever I feel my hands are drying up I can use this lotion instantly. Again the lotion will last you for a good 3 to 4 months as small quantity is needed each time.

  • Bath Lily/ Shower Puff:
Bath Lily/Shower Puff is a gorgeous, baby pink puff. It is really soft. Does not feel harsh on the skin at all. It helps make a good lather of whatever shower gel I use. Thoroughly cleans my skin. And it lasts for a very long time, provided you keep it in a good condition. So you dont really have to change your puff frequently. My previous body Shop bath puff lasted me for a year or more. Thats because the quality of the bath puff is appreciable. 

Pricing and Availability: Available at all the body shop outlets across Pakistan. The entire cube set is worth 1490pkr.

Points in Favour:
  • Packaging is good.
  • The packaging is travel-friendly.
  • Fragrance is amazing.
  • Shower puff is really soft on the skin.
  • Cruelty free musk
Points not in Favour:
  • A bit too over priced (but then again thats the case with every body shop product)
  • Body lotion is not a very good moisturiser.
Rating: I will rate this product 4/5.

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