Friday, 18 October 2013

Beauty Blending Sponge

You all must have heard of the Beauty Blending Sponge, right? Hands-down it is my favourite make up tool! And I will be sharing my thoughts about it with you guys today.

Note: It is not the original beauty blending sponge. But quite an impressive dupe for that. But since I haven't used the original one so I will not talk about the contrast between the two.
The Packaging:
It is a pink coloured, small, tear-drop shaped sponge. It is the size of my palm and hence fits in my palm well. It has two sides, an upper pointed end and a lower flat end. 

I bought this gem, around three months back and started using it since then. Since then it has been my everyday make up tool. I couldn't imagine life with out it now, it is so amazing.
I use this sponge for dual purpose, that is for the application of my concealer as well as the foundation. Using the upper pointed tip I blend my concealer with it. And it works perfectly. Before this sponge, I had so much trouble with blending my concealer as none of the concealer brushes I had worked perfectly. But this little gem blends in my concealer amazingly. I don't see any lines/creases on my under eye area after I blend my concealer with this sponge.

I apply the concealer on my under eye area and and then I blend it with this sponge, using dabbing motion of this sponge. Do not move in this sponge in continuous movement because that will lead to the absorption of your concealer in the skin and we do not want that right? We want the concealer to stay on top of the skin. Hence we move this sponge in dabbing movements. 

For the blending in of my foundation or BB Cream I use the lower flat end of this sponge. It gives a flawless look of the foundation to my face. I dont really have to struggle with the blending of the foundation, it does everything so smoothly.

I have washed this sponge multiple times till now and it did not lose it's efficiency. It's still as great as new. Also I have not noticed any tearing of the sponge. One thing I would like to tell you here that even after washing it, the concealer stains on it do not really go away. Looks like they are permanently going to be there. But that doesn't really cause any hindrance in it's performance. I wash this sponge once after every two weeks. 

This sponge can be used for any cream and liquid products which includes all the liquid foundations, BB creams, concealers and even cream blushers! Although I have not tried this sponge with the cream blusher but I'm sure it will blend it pretty well too. 

Price and Availability: I bought this Sponge online from a Facebook page, Lush Grooming Bargains. Worth 680Pkr.

Points in favour:
  • Blends in the concealer, foundation perfectly.
  • Can be used with all the cream and liquid products.
  • Gives a flawless application with no creases.
  • The sponge does not tear after washing.
  • Cheaper dupe to the original Beauty Blending Sponge.

Points not in Favour:
  • The concealer stains do not really go away from the sponge even after washing.
  • Not available at local drugstores and can only be purchased online.

Rating: I would rate this product 4.75/5


  1. hmm well I think if the dupe works so well, than what miracles can the orignal one do :) Thanks for reviewing


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