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Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer.

Today I will be reviewing a concealer. Yes you heard me right! Concealers are a life saver, arent they? Im sure most of you out there can totally relate to this statement hehe. I will be reviewing Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer in Classic Beige.

This concealer comes in three shades:
  1. Soft Beige
  2. Classic Beige
  3. Ivory.
What does Rimmel say about this concealer?Answer: 
  • Conceals signs of fatigue
  • Highlight and illuminate eye area
  • Soft precision brush for the delicate under eye area.

This concealer comes in a 7ml tube with a brush attached to it for the application of the concealer. I have this concealer in shade Classic Beige, that was the closest match for my skin tone. That is for Asian skin tones, Classic Beige would be the closest while people with wheatish skin tones can go for Ivory and people with pink under tones can go for this concealer in Soft Beige. The shade range is like the narrowest so it is most likely that a lot of you out there might not find a suitable shade for yourself. 

Consistency of the concealer is cream like. The quantity of the product is fair enough. You only need a little amount of the concealer if you are some one with mild dark circles. So in my view it will last you long if you don't use a lot of the product everyday. I bought this concealer around four months back and using it since then.


I am totally in love with this concealer! Despite of a few unfavourable points I totally love this concealer. I have been using this for four months and I haven't still run out of the product. 
It perfectly conceals my dark circles and reduces my under eye puffiness. That being said, I have mild dark circles to be honest so I'm not really sure how would this work on people with major dark circles. Since its coverage is build-able so I'm guessing if you have major dark circles this can work for you too provided you will have to use a little more amount than normal. But make sure you don't end up making your eye area look all cakey. 

Initially I tried applying it with my fingers but I didn't achieve as flaw-less results as I wanted. Then I switched to a concealer brush but still in vain. It was later on that I started applying this concealer with a Beauty Blending Sponge and I got amazing results. It blends in the product really well. Note, I don't use the brush applicator attached with this concealer to blend my concealer. I just apply the product with that brush.

This concealer stays put on my under eye area for a good 6-7 hours. Doesn't oxidise and change colour most of the times but I have noticed some color change if applied for too long. If you are someone with dry skin, do not skip moisturising your under eye area before applying this concealer or else you ll end up making your eye area look all cakey. I apply it over my sunscreen. And it blends in perfectly. Also it does not look cakey or even crease on my under eye area.

I dont use this product to conceal other flaws on my face any blemishes, redness or acne scars because I don't think it is good at doing that. It doesn't work really well with concealing these flaws and produces a white-grey film over them. So I just use it on my under eye area. I agree with the part that it brightens up and highlights the under eye area making it look as fresh as anything.

Picture a: With the application of the Rimmel Concealer
Picture b: With the application of the Concealer + Pressed Powder
Picture c: Without the application of the Concealer
Picture d: Without the application of the Concealer.

How to apply?

  • You only need two little drops (provided you don't have major pigmented under eye area)
  • The thing about concealers is that we don't apply it like how we apply other creams, foundations etc.
  • If using your finger you have to tap it on the under eye area. Do not move your fingers/brush/blending sponge in a continuous motion because that way the concealer would be absorbed in the skin and we don't want that. We want the concealer to stay on top of our skin so that it can hide the flaws. 
  • So start tapping slowly over the entire under eye area. 
  • Finish it off by applying your pressed powder over it. This way you are sealing your concealer right there and this way it will last longer! 
  • And you re done. 
Pricing and Availability: 
I bought this product from Scentsation located at The Dolmen City Mall, Karachi. I bought this concealer around four months back and got it worth 650Pkr. But it may be subjected to change in the price of this product now.

Points in favour: 
  • Long lasting.
  • Sufficient quantity to last for a good 6 to 7months.
  • No weird fragrance.
  • Perfectly conceals under eye pigmentation.
  • Highlights the under eye area.
  • Packaging is travel friendly.
  • Reasonably priced.
Points not in favour:
  • Does change colour when applied for long.
  • Narrow shade range. 
  • Does not conceal blemishes, acne scars or any red pigmentation on other areas of the face well. 
Rating: I would rate this product 4.3/5


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  2. Very detailed review! I use this concealer a lot as well
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    1. Thanks Amna. It's definitely a great concealer! :)


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