Sunday, 24 November 2013

MAC Brave Red Lipstick.

Hello readers! We are celebrating MAC lipstick week on our blog, in which we are going to review a MAC lipstick everyday on our blog for the entire next week starting from today! Sounds great, no? 

The first lipstick by MAC to be reviewed today is "Brave Red".

Before moving on with the review I would like to tell you that MAC lipsticks come in nine different finishes, which are as follows:

  1. Amplified
  2. Amplified Creme
  3. Cremesheen
  4. Frost
  5. Glaze
  6. Lustre
  7. Matte
  8. Retro Matte
  9. Satin.


Brave red is a cremesheen finish lipstick. First thing that would come to the minds of many would be what exactly does cremesheen lipstick mean? Cremesheens are the most popular MAC lipstick finish. They are glossy, opaque and long wearing. The colour pay off is always really strong and they stay put on the lips for really long time. They are quite a thick lipstick so you can easily apply too much and have the constant feeling like you need to wipe your mouth. They are incredibly creamy and flattering. Colour selection is really good. Cremesheen has a total of 25 different shades.

This lipstick comes in a black, hard plastic container with MAC printed on it in silver. This was my first ever MAC lipstick. Brave Red is a bright yellow red. Which means this red comes with  yellow under tones. This is in fact really good as it suits me perfectly. It is neither too orangish nor with blue under tones. Thus it suits my skin tone amazingly and this is what I like the most about this colour! For the reference I am NC 30. 

Texture of this lipstick is really nice, my lips feel hydrated and moisturised the entire time I'm wearing it over my lips and so I do not need prior lip balm application. Since the finish of this lipstick is cremesheen it gives more of this dewy look when applied. One thing which turns me off is that this lipstick is not transfer resistant, which was expected to some degree! 

Brave Red is a bold, gorgeous, striking, fancy colour and is the best for evening wear. I don't remember wearing this lip colour during the day time ever. Although if you want you can wear it during the day time by dabbing it to give a more natural look. I usually wear it with my Colour Studio lip artist lip liner in Ooh La La which basically prevents it from bleeding. And honestly I haven't noticed bleeding of the lip colour till now. Although the colour feathers away after sometime especially after taking meals. The longest this lipstick have stayed on my lips was for around six hours straight, with no re-application in this between! 

Brave Red Swatched.

For a make-up look using this lipstick, check our blog post here and here.

Price and Availability: Can be bought from Naheed's Super Market, EBCO located at The Forum or Agha's Super Market. Worth 2700Pkr. 

Points in favour:

  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Huge shade range
  • Colour pay off is amazing
  • Longest wearing time
  • Does not bleed
  • Hydrates and moisturises the lips thus not arising a need for prior lip balm application
  • Best for evening wear
  • Will make a perfect red pout.

Points not in favour:

  • Pricey
  • Not transfer resistant
  • Feathers away slightly after meals. 

Rate: I would rate this 4.8/5.


  1. Great beginning of MAC. Lipstick week :) waiting for the rest of the reviews

    1. Thankyou so much Huda for the appreciation! :) Yes we will be reviewing a new MAC lipstick everyday insha Allah for the entire next week! :)

  2. such a pretty color...I love creamsheen finishes , they are so moisturizing!

    1. We love Cremesheen finish too! :) Thankyou Numra :) stay tuned for more MAC lipstick reviews through-out the week :)

  3. The whole idea of a MAC lipstick week sounds interesting! I love cremesheens and brave red looks amazing on you! :) x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. Thankyou so much Jadirah for the appreciation! :)

  4. Wow waiting for your review of mac lipsticks in more shades :D
    This lipstick shade sounds great =D

  5. So how does one find out if it has yellow undertone or blue etc?

    1. Hey Aiman. See you don't have to find out about a red lipstick having blue undertones or orange undertones, that is basically already given in the product decription. What we have to figure out is that which undertones to wear and which undertones not to. Like if you're someone who is really fair then you can pull off both blue and orange-yellow undertones really well. It doesn't depend on skin tones like most of the people suggest. It dpeneds on how beautifully can one pull that colour off and this depends on your eye-makeup, your hair, everything. So it's not just one factor. :)

  6. lovely shade n great review x


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