Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lawn Fascination.

Hello gorgeous readers! Summers have hit Karachi and most parts of the country and so the lawn mania has begun! This is the best thing about this season. Who doesn't like all these branded lawn suits out there? I'm sure everybody does.

Today I'm going to talk a little about my lawn shopping experience this year. I shopped for lawn suits from Khaadi and Junaid Jamshed.

Junaid Jamshed is known for his colorful Lawn collection. This year too they didn't let down their customers and came up with a mind-blowing collection like every year. Yes I'm a regular Junaid Jamshed lawn buyer. One thing I can tell you all is that their lawn is worth every buck you spent on it.
Their collection varies from three piece lawn suits to Kurtis to Jteens to Jgirls. Their lawn suits come with plain lawn dupatta, chiffon dupattas as well as silk dupattas. Their lawn designs are inspired by eastern culture.

What attracted me the MOST to JJ this year was their amazing offer on lawn suits. The offer says buy two lawn suits and get a JJ body spray for FREE! Ain't that great? Plus all the JJ card holders can avail further discounts too. Since I have their silver card I got a total of 7.5% discount on my total bill. 
Also, don't forget to collect your JJ 2014 Lawn Prints Magazine, Volume 1. Magazine and body spray are not available with the purchase of one suit. You'll get it ONLY if you buy two or more suits.
This year JJ has brought out new, polka-dots design, colorful hand bags made up of Jute like material instead of those typical shopping bags. These are definitely going to be environment friendly plus you can always reuse these bags for different purposes.

JJ Lawn Suits.

JJ Free Body Spray.

JJ Free Body Spray and Magazine.

Likewise I bought two lawn suits from Khaadi too. Khaadi has an appealing, colourful range of lawn suits from plain printed, multi colored suits to embroidered suits with lawn dupatta to embroidered suits with chiffon dupatta. This means they have a huge collection out there to choose from. Their price range for embroidered suits varies from 2900Pkr to 6000+.

Khaadi Lawn Magazine.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

How To Find Out THE BODY SHOP Products Production Date?

Hello gorgeous ladies! I came across a very interesting query today regarding The Body Shop products expiry dates. Honestly before reading this I have always had this in mind that Body Shop products have no expiry date at all since they are made up of natural ingredients! I know that might sound weird to most of you but that's me being honest. 

I did a quick research and to my surprise I found a very good way of calculating/knowing your TBS product's production date! 

Now how to find out the production date exactly?

First of all you will have to look for the "batch-code" present on your Tbs product! DO NOT CONFUSE THE PRODUCT BATCH-CODE WITH YOUR PRODUCT BAR-CODE. Batch code is shorter than your bar code. These are printed on your products with a different font from the font which is used for the other specifications, ingredients etc. It usually consists of alphabets and numerical both e.g: XH911RA. Keep in mind that different Body Shop products have their batch-codes printed at different sites of the products. For instance body lotions will most probably have the batch-code printed on the bottom of the bottles, products present in the tubs will have it printed on the sides rather than on the bottom.
Now to help you guys locate your product batch-codes, I've taken a few pictures of my different TBS products. Hope this helps you. 

Picture of The Body Shop Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue tub.

Picture of The Body Shop Body Lotion in Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Picture of The Body shop Body Lotion in Vineyard Peach.

After locating you batch-code, go to the following website and then select Body Shop in the cosmetic brands section and then put your batch-code in the given area/box and click "Check". And you're done! 

For a sample have a look at the picture below: 

Hope this helps you in finding out about your favourite products! :) 
Your feed-back will be appreciated. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Rouge Dior Zinnia Red

This is one of the best reds I have tried so far. The formula is moisturising, creamy and very pigmented. It does not dry my lips out. Staying power is good too. 


  1. Moisturising
  2. Pigmented
  3. Good staying power


  1. Price.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014



I love dressing up and doing my hair and making an effort to make myself look nice, not because i am not pretty without makeup or without dressing up, but because I think of dressing up and applying makeup and getting ready as a treat to myself. Its like self-love, and its not bad to love yourself. It makes me happy and confident during the day when I know I have made an effort.

Similarly, buying makeup for me is not a chore, its not a job or task, its a gift, from me to myself. So why not spend luxuriously on this gift, afterall its for myself, the best person I know. When I buy expensive or luxury makeup like from Chanel, Dior or even drug store makeup like mac as a fact, it makes me feel pretty. When I use high quality makeup everyday its like treating myself every single day, wearing my Chanel lipstick or Dior mascara makes me feel pampered and I love that feeling.

Before I used to buy a lot of makeup just for the sake of it, but now I spend wisely, I buy luxury makeup, few, but things that make me happy. So now instead of buying a lot of cheap products I buy a few in about a month or two, but, things that I know make me feel spoiled or pampered. Now wearing makeup is more fun for me.

For me beauty is self love, rather than having a drawer full of stuff, I prefer having few counted luxury things and loving them to the core. Like for example, at this moment I only have one mascara, my Diorshow iconic overcurl, and I love it to death, I put it everyday, and I know for a fact when after 6 months of use I'll be tossing it out, I'll spend the same amount in another mascara, just one mascara, but I'll be loving it and using it everyday. Same is the case with my Chanel lipsticks and foundation and blush.

Similarly with perfumes, I don't believe in buying tons, I have only one signature perfume, that I use everyday, till I end it, and usually buy the same again, unless I am tired of it. In this way almost everyone can even recognise me by my scent. So instead of buying 10 perfumes I have invested in 2 from Chanel and use them religiously everyday.

Share with me your makeup stories, I'd love to hear 'em =)

Lipstick Tips!

Hello gorgeous ladies! Will be sharing few quick lipstick tips with you all today:

1. I'm sure most of you would agree to the fact that lips make the most prominent part of your face and they have to be taken care of exactly how we take care of the rest of our face. Key to good looking healthy lips is moisturising! Thus wear a lip balm which has SPF of at-least 15 in it. Apart from this weekly scrub/exfoliate your lips. 

2. Do not accentuate your eyes and lips both at the same time! Chances are, you might end up looking freaky. The rule is, if you're wearing red lips or any other bold lips make sure you're wearing minimal amount of eye makeup so that it co-ordinates with your bold/red lips! 

3. For more fuller lips and a great pout always line your lips with a matching lip liner. This way your pout would look more lively. 

4. Make sure your liner matches exactly to your lipstick colour. Never ever wear a dark lip liner with a light coloured lipstick! You'd end up looking very weird. 

5. To make your lipstick long lasting, prime your lips before or you can also use a lip liner to fill in the lips and act as a strong base to hold your lipstick for longer time period.

6. To make sure your lipstick does not bleed out later, apply a little concealer around the border of your lips.

7. Avoid getting your teeth stained with your lipstick. After applying your lipstick, put your finger in the mouth and then close your lips around it and then gently pull out your finger. Excess lipstick will come out on your finger. 

8. Never ever use a lipstick tester on your lips! You never know how many people and with what awful hygienic conditions would have tried on that particular tube of the lipstick. Always test the lipstick on your finger tips, they are the closest match to our lips. 

9. To avoid staining the glass with your lipstick, simply lick your lips before taking a sip. 

10. If you think a particular lipstick doesn't look right on you and doesn't co-ordinate well with your over all look, you're probably right! 

Monday, 3 March 2014

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencils

URBAN DECAY 24/7 Glide-On Pencils 


Left to Right: Perversion, Crave, Tornado, Zero, Miss&Mrs

Left to Right: Perversion, Crave, Tornado, Zero, Miss&Mrs

Top to Bottom: Perversion, Crave, Tornado

Perversion is a matte deep darkest black.

Zero is a lighter version of black.

Tornado is a matte purple, eggplant colour.

Crave is a matte dark brown colour.

I am not a big fan of glitter or shimmer so I got all my pencils in matte, the urban decay 24/7 glide-on pencils are very smooth to apply, the colour payoff is great, for around 10 hours. The colours are very opaque, and do not need a 2nd application to show their colour.