Wednesday, 5 March 2014



I love dressing up and doing my hair and making an effort to make myself look nice, not because i am not pretty without makeup or without dressing up, but because I think of dressing up and applying makeup and getting ready as a treat to myself. Its like self-love, and its not bad to love yourself. It makes me happy and confident during the day when I know I have made an effort.

Similarly, buying makeup for me is not a chore, its not a job or task, its a gift, from me to myself. So why not spend luxuriously on this gift, afterall its for myself, the best person I know. When I buy expensive or luxury makeup like from Chanel, Dior or even drug store makeup like mac as a fact, it makes me feel pretty. When I use high quality makeup everyday its like treating myself every single day, wearing my Chanel lipstick or Dior mascara makes me feel pampered and I love that feeling.

Before I used to buy a lot of makeup just for the sake of it, but now I spend wisely, I buy luxury makeup, few, but things that make me happy. So now instead of buying a lot of cheap products I buy a few in about a month or two, but, things that I know make me feel spoiled or pampered. Now wearing makeup is more fun for me.

For me beauty is self love, rather than having a drawer full of stuff, I prefer having few counted luxury things and loving them to the core. Like for example, at this moment I only have one mascara, my Diorshow iconic overcurl, and I love it to death, I put it everyday, and I know for a fact when after 6 months of use I'll be tossing it out, I'll spend the same amount in another mascara, just one mascara, but I'll be loving it and using it everyday. Same is the case with my Chanel lipsticks and foundation and blush.

Similarly with perfumes, I don't believe in buying tons, I have only one signature perfume, that I use everyday, till I end it, and usually buy the same again, unless I am tired of it. In this way almost everyone can even recognise me by my scent. So instead of buying 10 perfumes I have invested in 2 from Chanel and use them religiously everyday.

Share with me your makeup stories, I'd love to hear 'em =)


  1. yes you are right.One should never compromise on quality.As for stocking up,very soon you will have two to three of every high product type(high end) because thats how it starts :p

    1. hahaha true, I tossed a lot of my rimmel lipsticks and etc and now i have such little makeup that I can actually fit all of it in a small drawer. But I am happy, this way I will be making full use of the very little that I have =)

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