Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Body Shop Coconut Body and Lip Butter Duo.

Hello gorgeous readers. How have you all been? Winters are officially here and right now I'm down with flu and fever! Weather change is so annoying at times! But since it's weekend I had to write a post for you guys. 

Today I will be reviewing The Body Shop Coconut Body and Lip Butter Duo.


Coconut Body Butter:

 The butter comes in a dark-brown coloured 50ml jar. The packaging is completely travel friendly, one can easily carry this with them everywhere without the fear of the spillage of the product. Although I don't favour jar packaging much as the product is exposed to contamination. When I first opened the jar it wasn't completely filled with the butter. I was shocked thinking why is it not completely filled. Since this is my first body butter from TBS I wasn't aware that body butter jars aren't completely filled. It is then later on when I searched and read about it on the Internet that I found body butter jars are not completely filled, say they are 3/4th filled. 

The smell of the body butter is almost near to that of the real coconuts. And it smells delicious! Coconut lovers wouldn't resist it. The formula of the butter is creamy. I usually apply it on my upper limbs and lower limbs. It absorbs really well in to the skin. Initially I feared, it will make my skin really greasy and sticky but to my surprise it proved me wrong. It does not at all make my skin feel greasy and so it can be used in summers as well as winters both. 
The formula of the butter is very hydrating. My skin feels baby soft and smooth after the application of the butter. Mostly I apply it before going to bed so that the butter stays over night. Overall it is a good remedy for dry, scaly skin over the limbs and rest of the body. 
The butter will not last for longer than 2 months in my view as a lot of quantity is needed at one go. 

Coconut Lip Butter:

This lip butter like other TBS lip butters come in a small 10ml pot which is dark-brown coloured. The packaging is travel friendly, I usually carry it with me in my cosmetic pouch. Although jar packaging lead to contamination of the product thus I prefer tube packaging over these, especially for the lip related products. 
In comparison to the body butter the fragrance of this lip butter is too artificial. It does not at all smell like real coconuts which is a bit of a disappointment. 

The lip butter does not work as a dry-lip-therapy, meaning it does not heal my dry cracked lips. It provides hydration to my lips only when I have applied the butter over my lips. I couldn't appreciate the results of this lip butter as much as like my lips being smooth and soft. The moment I take it off or it dries up, my lips go back to being dry. So I did not find this lip butter of much use. I don't think I will be buying this lip butter again. Although in this case I got the body and the lip butter together as a duo. 
The quantity of the lip butter is enough to be lasted for a good four to five months.
For a comparative review, read my review on The Body Shop Mango Lip Butter Here.

Price and Availability:  I brought this product online from a facebook page, Lush Grooming Bargains. Worth 750Pkr. Quite a bargain, no? Do check out this page for tempting offers and discounts.

Points in favour:

  • Packaging for both butters is completely travel friendly.
  • Body butter is very hydrating to the skin. 
  • The fragrance of the body butter is near to those of real coconuts and is divine. A definite treat for coconut lovers. 
  • Quantity of the lip butter is enough to be lasted for a good four to five months. 
  • Reasonable price.

Points not in favour:

  • Jar packaging can lead to contamination of the product.
  • Body butter is not completely filled in the jar. It is filled 3/4th only. Thus it would not last longer than two months.
  • Smell of the lip butter is a bit too artificial. 
  • Lip butter does not heal dry lips. Does not work as a lip treatment. 

Rate: I would rate this product 3/5.


  1. i have not tried anything from body shops range you are tempting me to go for it

    1. hehe, go for it I bet you'd love TBS products :)

  2. Tbs butters are good, but I m not into coconut at all, loving their cocoa butter these days

  3. applying body lotion at night is a great idea.I like this body butter alot.great photography xoxo

    1. Thankyou so much Shehrzad for the appreciation! :)


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