Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Body Shop Moisture Boost Socks

Hello pretty ladies! How have you all been? We're writing after a week today, lately have been occupied with so many things, but no matter what we have promised weekly reviews for our readers (unless announced otherwise). Since winters are here we are focusing more on reviewing skin care products for our readers which will definitely be a help to combat this dry, cold weather. 

Today our review is on "The Body Shop Moisture Boost Socks."

According to The Body Shop:

Wake up to softer feet! Slather feet in moisturiser, then slip these on before you hit the hay. Made with Community Trade natural cotton from Mauritius.


These are cotton socks by Body Shop, to be worn with or without moisturiser, preferably with moisturiser to boost your moisturisers capability.
I have dry skin, plus winter’s just here and there was sale at body shop so I thought of grabbing them.

I use them mostly with spa wisdom honey and beeswax foot butter.
The butter itself is moisturising enough, but just to enhance the effect and to make maximum out of it and to avoid it coming off at night because of my feet rubbing with sheets and all I wear socks.
Personally I believe they really do lock in the moisture and my feet feel softer in the morning. But I think it’s more to do with the moisturiser used then with the socks, because the first day I used them I didn’t notice much difference. But with subsequent uses as the butter forms a film inside, its then the socks really start working.
Using them has also prolonged my pedicure time, I think I need much less pedicures now, they have elongated the time between pedicures for me. What more do you want then to wake up in the morning with perfect soft feet.

They are good for people with feet size around 6-7 or more, for smaller feet, they might be loose, the downside is them being available only in one size, but they fit me perfect so I am good with it. They fit me till ankle. They are stretchable so people with bigger feet can also wear them.

The quality is amazing, I have already got my socks washed quite a few times already and they have maintained their shape and size and are still soft as the first time when I used them. They are thin and soft, which I like because then they are not uncomfortable at night when it gets a little warmer and you won’t feel as if you are actually wearing something at night.
The only thing I didn’t like was the tag stitched inside, it gets so irritating at night, so I turned the socks with tag inside out and problem solved.

Price and Availability: I bought these from The Body Shop outlet located at Naheed Super Market. Original price 790Pkr. I got these during The Body Shop winter sale worth 592Pkr. (To find out what other things we grabbed at TBS Winter Sale check our blog post here).

Points in favour:

  • They are really soft and thin (good for night).
  • They really work, wake up to softer feet.
  • Moisturiser doesn’t stain sheets any more.
  • Washable.

Points not in favour:

  • They are a bit on pricey side, in sale it’s a good bargain.
  • Tag is inside which is irritating.

Rate: I would rate these 4.8/5


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