Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween Makeup Look: The Sexy Cat Look

(Picture Credits: Faryal Pechuho/Curls & Cookies)

Hello guys! This post is about a simple Halloween look  "The Sexy Cat Look". Inspired by You tube blogger: Beauty By Gabbie. I have never done something like this before, like ever in my life & so this is the first time thus not flawless and crisp.


1. For Face:

  • Color Studio Profession Pro Luminous Foundation.
  • MUA Bronzer Shade 2 using the ELF Bronzing Brush for contouring.
  • Drew the cat whiskers using: Luscious Cosmetics Intense Smudge proof Eyeliner Pencil in Rockstar.

2. For Eyes:

  • MUA Eye Primer
  • Luscious Cosmetics Intense Smudgeproof Eyeliner Pencil in Rockstar.
  • ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
  • A random black eyeshadow
  • Rimmel Scandal Eyes Flex Mascara
  • The Balm Mary LouManizer on the brow bone
  • For eyebrows: Luscious Cosmetics Perfect Brows Tool Kit.

3.For Lips:

  • Filled in the upper lip using Luscious Cosmetics Intense Smudgeproof Eyeliner Pencil in Rockstar
  • For lower lip: MAC Russian Red Lipstick.

Review of Sedusa-Mini Spa.

(Picture Credits: Faryal Pechuho/Curls & Cookies)

Sedusa Mini Spa is a Karachi, Pakistan based salon/spa. It is situated at Khayaban-e-Ittehad, D.H.A. Karachi. 
As the name says, Sedusa is a mini spa. The place is not very big but is pretty good enough to accommodate a moderate number of clients at one time. On arrival at the salon, I was seated in the waiting area and was given a welcome drink/juice. Shortly thereafter I was taken in without wasting much time. Sedusa-Mini Spa currently has some really good & budget friendly deals going on at their salon.
I took their Derma Manicure & Pedicure, Herbal Cleansing & Threading services. About the pedicure stations I would say, they weren't the most comfortable from what I have tried. Although the manicure stations were pretty good (since it did not involve keeping those water filled bowls on the lap which is seen in almost every salon here). 
Sedusa Mini Spa has separate chambers/small rooms for services like facial cleansing, facials, body massage etc. Which is very good as this ensures client privacy.
I was a bit unhappy with the room where I was taken for threading. It was really small plus there were no table mirrors available, which are usually helpful while getting threading done. So every time I had to get up from my seat and check my brows in the wall mirror.  
The salon was clean and tidy. Hygiene of the salon is properly taken care off. Staff at the salon is very welcoming, down to earth. They keep asking you for drinks/juices/tea all the time. 
Oh and every Saturday Sedusa Mini Spa provides its clients with FREE cookies! :D

For more info & queries and current deals at the salon please visit Sedusa-Mini Spa Facebook page here.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Generation debuts its high-street fashion online on Daraz.Pk

I'm sure all of you living in Pakistan must be aware of these two names; Daraz.Pk & Generation.
Although these names are in no need of an introduction but for readers who aren't aware, daraz.Pk is Pakistan's Online Shopping Website for men, women, children everybody! 
Generation is a women clothing retailer in Pakistan. 
Both went ahead & decided to collaborate, as Generation will now be available online on Daraz.Pk

Spa day at Nina Lotia Salon.


Pedicure Station at Nina Lotia Salon*

Pedicure & Manicure Stations at Nina Lotia Salon*

Girls at work, at Nina Lotia Salon*

Essie Nail Colors booth at Nina Lotia Salon*


Getting a relaxing Manicure & Pedicure done*


My hands & feet after getting pampered at the salon*

Snacks served at the salon.
Nina Lotia herself with Maheen at the salon.

Birthday cake for the First Birthday of Nina Lotia Salon.

Fresh Cupcakes: Token of love from Nina Lotia Salon*

(Picture Credits: All Pictures with an Asterisk* belong to Faryal Pechuho/ Curls & Cookies
and pictures without an Asterisk* belong to Nina Lotia Salon)

Nina Lotia Salon is located at Bukhari Commercial, D.H.A Phase 6 area of Karachi, Pakistan.
The salon celebrated it's first birthday on 14th October, 2014. Few bloggers and twitterati were invited over for a luxurious spa day at Nina Lotia Salon.
Nina Lotia Salon is located in a three-story building. The salon is pretty big with a very good interior decor and satisfactory hygiene. There is a separate floor for each kind of service. Like there is a separate floor for hair related treatments like blow dry, haircut, hair wash etc. Then there is a separate floor for body massage, manicure, pedicure and other likewise services and so on.
On arrival at the salon we were given a menu which included manicure, pedicure, facial cleansing OR a massage & blow dry with hair wash.
I have to admit that the Pedicure I had at Nina Lotia Salon was one of the finest I have ever had. The pedicure stations were very comfortable (which is not the case at majority salons here). The staff at Nina Lotia Salon was well-trained & with a very professional attitude. I was offered coffee and snacks throughout my pampering session.
Over-all from the the hospitality to the services offered to the professional attitude of the staff at the salon I loved everything. I would definitely recommend you guys to try Nina Lotia Salon if you reside in Karachi, Pakistan. You will be pampered like a queen I'm sure!

For more info & queries please visit Nina Lotia Salon Facebook page here

Monday, 27 October 2014

Luscious Bold Smudgeproof Intense Eyeliner. (Review+EOTD)

Swatches from L To R: Electric Blue, Peacock, Amethyst, Moonlight, Cocoa, Glitz, Rockstar, Copper

Swatches from Above to Below: Electric Blue, Peacock, Amethyst, Moonlight, Cocoa, Glitz, Rockstar, Copper

From Above to Below: Electric Blue, Peacock, Amethyst, Moonlight, Cocoa, Glitz, Rockstar, Copper

From Above to Below: Electric Blue, Peacock, Amethyst, Moonlight, Cocoa, Glitz, Rockstar, Copper

On the left: Swatch WITH the Primer.
On the right: Swatch WITHOUT the Primer.

Electric Blue Eye Swatch 1

Electric Blue Eye Swatch 2.

Amethyst Eye Swatch 1.

Amethyst Eye Swatch 2.

Peacock Eye Swatch 1.

Peacock Eye Swatch 2.

Peacock Eye Swatch 3.

Rockstar Eye Swatch 1.

Rockstar Eye Swatch 2.

Rockstar Eye Swatch 3.

Moonlight Eye Swatch.

Cocoa Eye Swatch 1.

Cocoa Eye Swatch 2.

Cocoa Eye Swatch 3.

Cocoa Eye Swatch 4.

Glitz Eye Swatch 1.

Glitz Eye Swatch 2.

Glitz Eye Swatch 3.

Copper Eye Swatch 1.

Copper Eye Swatch 2.

(Picture Credits: Faryal Pechuho/Curls & Cookies)

What does Luscious Cosmetics say about this product?
Bold, Vibrant, 3D color that makes a statement! Our brand new formula is smudge-proof and transfer-resistant for endless wear. A collection of 8 high impact shades to add to your color wardrobe to create the season's hottest eye trends. At last, an eyeliner pencil that keeps its promises!                  

 Luscious cosmetics recently launched Bold Intense Smudge-proof Eyeliner Pencils. These pencils come in a total of eight vibrant shades to choose from.
The colors are a total hit I would say! My favorite amongst these eight being Electric Blue and Rockstar.
These eyeliner pencils are cream like in consistency which makes them really good in my opinion. Not at all chalky. Neither do they chip off the eye-lids. They glide on very smoothly on my eye lids. I don't have to put in any extra effort to bring out the color. They glide on the lids effortlessly. With just a single swipe the color pay off is amazing!
I usually wear these liners with an eye primer underneath. But even without a primer underneath, the colors appear vibrant and tend to stay for as long as with a primer.
One thing I do not completely agree with, is the part where they claim that these pencils are smudge-proof. I wouldn't agree to it because they aren't completely smudge proof and after sometime they do smudge a bit. Since I have oily lids, the liner does tend to smudge a bit. But it was not very noticeable. These pencils can be sharpened with ease. I use The Body Shop Pencil Sharpener to sharpen these pencils.
Something which turned me off regarding these pencils is that, I have to struggle a lot to get a very fine thin liner on my eye lids. Since the pencil nips are broad even after sharpening them well.

Price & Availability:
These eyeliner pencils are worth PKR 395 or US $3.92 each. Available at local drug stores across Karachi, Pakistan like Agha's, Naheed, EBCO at The Forum etc. Or you can also purchase these pencils online via Luscious Cosmetics website, here

Points in favour:

  • Comes in a total of eight different shades to choose from.
  • Glides on the eyelids effortlessly.
  • Color pay-off of these pencils is very good. 
  • These last for a good amount of time without fading.
  • Transfer resistant. 
  • Available at local drug stores easily.
  • Can be sharpened with ease.
Points not in favour:
  • The pencil nips are kind of broad even after sharpening.
  • Over priced.
  • These pencils do tend to smudge after sometime. 

(Note: This is a PR product. Send to us for use & review. But this in no way will alter our opinion about it. We will put forward our 100% honest reviews for our readers.)