Sunday, 5 October 2014

Review of Dressing Table Salon/Spa

I recently went to Dressing Table Salon. Dressing Table Salon is a Karachi, Pakistan based salon. For further info, queries & appointments please visit their facebook page here.
The services I got from Dressing Table Salon included:
Spa Treatment
Body wax

I was told it was one of their best facials, with amazing results and guaranteed glow. The receptionist said they will give me a skin consultation then decide if it's fine for my skin as I have sensitive and dry skin. After the consultation, I was recommended Vitamin C Guinot Facial. 
The facial was really good, services, massage, black heads cleaning everything was really good. I was asked if I had itching, at every step. Loved everything there. But I specifically told her when she was scrubbing that do not scrub, as my skin can't take it and this will break me out. After which she assured me that she knew my problem spots over my face and she is not working over them. I kept insisting to not to scrub much as I felt it was abrasive on my skin. 
Later when I got home I got really small pimples and redness all over my face, on the sides of the chin even on my nose and cheeks where I never had them before. I thought they will get fine till the next morning and used my daily night cream as a moisturiser. 
The next morning, pimples were now medium sized from small, the ones we usually see when we get an allergy. And I am prone to allergies if a facial does not suit me. For the last 4-5months I have been getting Guinot facial from this other salon so I'm sure it was nothing to do with the Guinot products  because they do suit my skin. So I guess it was the technique that didn't suit me this time. 
Now 2 weeks later, my redness, allergy has subsided and pimples are gone. Thankfully I can look in the mirror again and love my skin. I was also given a complimentary hands, arms & feet massage. 


Other services that I got done include: Pedicure, Spa treatments, waxing. And I rate all these 10/10.  They have relaxers for pedicures, which is a plus point, as usually the salons have normal chairs or sofas with tub/dip machines. The had a proper pedicure setup. I loved my pedicure there, perfect filing, nail shape and buffing and cleaning. 

Hair spa treatment was done using mythic oil products by Loreal, it included hair wash then serum application, next came masque application which was done thoroughly in all strands, I was given proper head and back massage during which i almost slept.

Then I was taken for waxing, their body wax is really good, with minimum pain. 

After it my hair were washed and I could feel the softness after mythic oil treatment. This treatment lasted me 5-6 washes, there was no frizz and I felt my hair being soft.

Overall, I will surely recommend Dressing Table salon. Unless you are going for facials and have sensitive skin.
Do try their spa treatment, loved every bit of it!


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