Saturday, 28 June 2014

E.L.F Studio Makeup Mist & Set Spray.

Ever heard of make-up stories? I have a story to tell you guys today. Oh don't worry it'll be really short. Once upon a time I bought this ELF Studio Makeup Mist & Set Spray, was very excited, but it didn't work for me initially. Months passed by and this poor Mist laid in my make-up stash un-touched, un-loved. Then one fine day, I finally figured how to make it work. And then it did wonders for me. And so I lived happily ever after! :D 

Haha! This story honestly summarises my entire time with this gem I spent. 

What does E.L.F say about this product?

Wish you could have a product for your makeup like Hairspray is for your hair? Well…keep your makeup staying in place all day with a radiance boosting invisible hold with our new Makeup Mist & Set. The invigorating mist moisturises and soothes the skin with key ingredients Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber and Vitamins A, C & E. The lightweight, comfortable and alcohol free formula improves makeup wearability and prevents color from running or fading.

Review: This Elf Makeup Mist & Setting Spray comes in a black plastic, 60ml bottle with a nozzle for spray. Packaging is pretty good & travel-friendly. Since it's a spray so it is liquid in consistency. I haven't noticed any weird smell or any smell at all, so that's a plus point! Having a combination skin my first concern regarding this product was whether it'd make my skin more greasy/oily. But to my surprise it didn't!

How to use: There pretty much different ways of using this spray. You can work it in whatever you like.

  • After you're done with your  makeup, hold the Elf mist bottle at a distance of an inch or two from your face and directly spray it on your face. At first you'd see your face being all wet but let it settle/dry for a minute or so and then you're good to go! (This way NEVER worked for me).
  • The other way of using this Magical mist (AS I call it :D) is that you spray it on your make-up brush and then use that for applying make-up. For instance what I do is that as I start with my foundation, I take my foundation brush and spray a little Elf mist on to my brush and then dip the brush in my foundation (liquid) and  put it all over my face! This way has ALWAYS worked for me! Believe me guys it gives this SUPER glow-y look plus doesn't make my face look cake-y too. 
Similarly I do this with my Blusher, highlighter, eye shades too. Before applying I take the relevant brush (Blush brush/Highlighter brush/Eye shade brush) and spray a little amount of the mist directly on to the dry brush, let it settle for few seconds and then swirl the brush in the blusher/ highlighter pan and then apply it on my face. This way the colour not only appears more vibrant/rich but it also stays on for VERY long! Even in this scorching heat.

Have a look at the swatches below:

Here I swatched a Luscious Blusher in Peach Melba. Both of these are single swipes!
Here I swatched an eye-shade.

Price & Availability: I bought this online from Facebook page Lush Grooming Bargains. Not available at local drug stores. Can only be purchased online via Facebook pages. Worth 650Pkr.

Points in favour:
  1. Reasonable.
  2. No weird fragrance present.
  3. Can be used in multiple ways.
  4. Single bottle will last you for a good 6-8 months.
  5. Holds make-up at place for long hours. Also making it sweat & heat proof to some extent.
  6. Caused no adverse reaction.
  7. Travel-friendly packaging.
Points not in favour:
  1. Not available at local drug-stores.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Scented Body Oil.

Finally got my hands on this scented body oil. Smelling great at ALL the times is one thing that should be everybody's top priority. Plus to be honest, mists and deodorants don't work much on me in this awful weather. So looking forward to this and hoping some great results!
*Fingers Crossed* 
How to use: Mix 2 drops body oil (I bought it in Red Apple) with any oil, I bought Sweet Almond Oil, so I'd mix it with this and apply all over the body after shower! 
Availability:These are available at Dolce & Saponaria (2nd floor Ocean Mall, Karachi).
  1. Sweet Almond Oil is worth 1300Pkr
  2. Body Oil in Red Apple is worth 610Pkr.

Khussas be trendin'

I am loving this trend of normal knee length kameez with straight or cigarette pants and khussas. I recently went on khussa shopping spree and got myself these beauties, they are very comfortable for everyday wear, and cheap too, added benefit, they look good ;)
Price range: 850-1200Pkr

How 'bout them APPLES?

How 'bout them Apples is a gorgeous lip and cheek palette by The Balm. I just recently ordered and got to try it. It consists of 6 gorgeous cream blushes that can also be used as lip tints/glosses.
I got mine from online facebook page called Bells for 3400Pkr.
Visit their Facebook page here

From left to Right: Cider, Cobbler, Pie, Crisp, Candy, Caramel

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau

Today's Pick from Guerlain Counter at Scentsation, Karachi is Lingerie de Peau, its a very natural looking foundation of very thin consistency so as to look like second skin. I am loving it so far.

According to Guerlain: Guerlain invents the most perfect second skin: Lingerie de Peau. This intangible foundation becomes one with the skin like a second sensual covering to make it more beautiful than ever. Its secret: the Bio-Fusion micro-mesh, an unprecedented combination of smoothing and shaping stretch fibres and natural linen and silk fibres in complete affinity with the skin. The foundation glides on like a silk stocking. The "little nothing" becomes everything... 
Sublimely transparent, the complexion becomes as soft and radiant as silk. The curves of the face are tightened and imperfections are erased. 

I got mine in shade 03 Beige Natural, its an exact match for my NC 30 skin.
Worth 6500Pkr.

Maryam's Five Summer Essentials!

It is so hot here in Karachi so I thought of doing a post on my 5 summer essentials. I will keep this post short and to the point. My 5 summer essentials for this heat and sunny weather consist of:

Soltan SPF 50++ Sunblock
It is a sunblock in a lotion form, best for my dry skin, it gets absorbed by the skin and keeps it hydrated. Best for Karachi's sun. Get yours from boots, or order online, they are usually on buy 1 get 1 offer =)

Garnier Flexible Hold Volumising Hair Spray
Summer for me is all about volumised all-natural hair. I was going to pick a dry shampoo instead of this, but then I realised a dry shampoo is not as important as this, its already hot, we are already taking shower everyday to keep ourselves cool, dry shampoo is not necessary. What is necessary is to keep our hair looking nice and volumised even after washing them everyday because of sweat. As i have wavy hair and bangs, the first day after shower they are a disaster, it takes time for them to get in shape and get texturised and form. So instead of straightening everyday after every shower, i just spray this, it gives amazing volume and texture to bangs, there is no need to blowdry or straighten everyday.

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Mist
It is so hot, a body mist keeps it nice and cool and there is no harm in spraying it every few hours to keep smelling fresh and good. This is an amazing scent, I love it so much I have already finished a bottle, and have ordered two more as a back up. Even thou I do layer it with my perfume, but if I have to keep it minimum to 5 products, I will definitely pick this over my perfume, just maybe because even if I put a lot of it, there will never be too much of it, and with perfume there is a tendency to go a bit overboard.

Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara
Mascara is must, and this iconic overcurl is just amazing, gives length and volume that I don't even feel the need to use fake lashes! I would pick this over liner on any hot day when i want bare to minumum makeup.

Chanel Rouge Allure in Malodieuse
Oh my God, it is such a gorgeous summer colour for those no makeup days. It has full coverage, you can layer it up for more buildup. It is hydrating and just glides on lips without drying them. Also has a good payoff time. So its a winner.

5 Product Face

I have read so many posts about peoples 5 product face and always thought I could never do it because I am a product junkie, I thought I could never just be with five products. 
So I tried and accomplished my 5 product face. It is a very simple everyday makeup face and looks good too.

So my 5 products include:

1. Mac Strobe Cream- it works as a moisturiser and illuminator, my love since 3 years, I have finished so many tubes.

2. Studio Fix Foundation- I love how it's coverage can be buildable for troubled areas, and sheer for areas that don't need much coverage, I use beauty blender and RT powder brush to apply.

3. Chanel Creme Blush in Intonation- it's a recent pick, but I wonder how I was living all this time without it, it is such a pretty colour, and the finish is amazing too, it gives a gorgeous glow to face.

4. Dior Iconic Mascara- my holy grail mascara since 2 years.

5. Guerlain Automatique in Chamade- a recent pick, but a gorgeous summer colour, works with all looks.

What are your picks for  5 product-face?

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Hey, Why You Loafin' Around?

A few months back I was going around the mall looking for some everyday wear, flat and comfortable shoes and I came across loafers, and since then there is no turning back. I have always loved ballet pumps, but its just too much of them now, I have been wearing them since years, and now shoe companies have even stopped being innovative with them, they are just releasing same old styles and colours. Whereas loafers, not that new, but still they have huge variety to choose from.

My current favourites are Tod's. The ones in blue, and the ones in red, oh-am-gee, they are gorgeous. Also saw Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad featuring the blue ones the other day on her insta, I got similar ones from dolmen so yayiee, they are trendy and casual, thus can be worn everyday =)

Google Image

Let me show you my loafers collection. Do share what's your style?

Thank you for reading =)

How To Wear Perfume For A Long Lasting Fragrance


1. Wear perfume right after you shower, after towel dry.

2. Spray directly on your skin, skin retains perfume better then clothes.

3. Apply unscented lotion before you apply perfume, sources say, hydrated skin retains smell better.

4. Do not clash smells, use minimum scented or unscented body wash soap, or if you are layering then use same fragrance to enhance the effect.

5. Apply perfume on pressure points like wrist or neck, which radiate more heat then rest of body, thus helping to diffuse perfume more.

6. Do not rub wrists together to transfer perfume, the friction actually makes the smell go bad or changes it.

My favourite scents are:

  • Guerlain Champs Elysees
  • Miss Dior
  • Dolce&Gabbana The One
  • Gucci Guilty
  • Gucci Premiere
  • Coco Chanel
  • Chanel Mademoiselle
  • Versace Vanitas

Do share your tips and tricks and favourites =)

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Hair-Styling at Ireen's Signature Salon.

About Ireen's Signature Salon: This is a Karachi, Pakistan based salon. Located in the D.H.A. area of Karachi. For more information, please visit their Facebook page here.


I went to Ireen's for hair-styling yesterday. Took an appointment before since they don't entertain walk-ins most of the times. I was supposed to be there by 4.30pm but I got late and reached around 5.40pm  that's pretty late I know. But, they were generous enough to still take me in (since they close by 7.30pm). 
So moving forward, I showed their hairstylist this picture and asked her to do the same thing with my hair and strictly asked her not to put a lot of spray, since stiff hair is a MAJOR turn off for me. And she listened to EVERYTHING I told her!  
I wanted a fish-tail braid starting with a loose braid from above. I don't remember her name but she did an amazing job! The picture here doesn't do much justice so you might not be able to appreciate the hair-style much. Also this picture was taken around 12 at night. So my hair stayed amazing through-out (considering this weather & humidity). Oh and all their styles are worth 1000Pkr.

Over-all I had an amazing experience with them! :D

Monday, 2 June 2014

Current Favourites!

(Picture Credits: Google)

Hey there gorgeous readers! I decided to do a different blog post this time and that is when this idea clicked me, where I can briefly review multiple products. The products shown in the picture above are my current-to-go products!

MUA Power Pout, Irreplaceable: This a gorgeous Pink lip tint. Honestly I have it for a few months now but it is only recently that I started using it excessively and totally love it! The best part about this power pout/lip tint is that after a few hours when the glossy look is gone, the color/tint still stays there. Unlike lipsticks, which when wear off they look kinda ugly because some part of the lip has the color while the other part doesn't, this power pout leaves the entire lip tinted uniformly. So even after hours when the power pout wears off my lips are still tinted pink and that looks amazing! 
Worth: 500Pkr.
You can buy this online from

Color Studio Pro-Luminous Foundation: This is my HG foundation! Totally love it. I don't know what'd I do without it. It is liquid in consistency. Has an amazing finish. I have used this in winters and am currently using this in this terribly hot weather and it just works as good as anything! Blends in easily. Does not at all feel heavy. Let's my skin breathe. I apply this using my Real Techniques Buffing brush or my MUA stippling brush and it just gives an amazing finish! I use this in shade "Natural Skin". Comes in 4 different shades. 
Worth: 750Pkr
You can buy this from local drug-stores across the nation. If you live in Karachi you can get this from Naheed, Dolmen City Mall, Ebco at The Forum. You can buy this online too from Color Studio or from

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter: highlighters are my favourite! I'm a highlighter person. It's like my new-found-love, hehe! Okay I got this highlighter a month back and have been using since then & it is great for the price that it comes in. It has this silvery-pink sheen which glows amazingly! The design and the packaging are really good, 5/5 for that! Although the glow doesn't show up in just one swipe and I have to use multiple swipes to get the actual glow but that's okay, doesn't really bother me. Can be used as a daily highlighter. Plus the product quantity is sufficient enough to last me for a life-time! 
Worth: 500Pkr
You can buy this online from

Luscious Blush, Peach Melba: Bought this blush lately and it-is-to-die-for! it's a gorgeous peach with slight gold sheen in it! How cool is that? I am NC25-30 and it compliments my skin amazingly! Can be used as a daily blusher. I prefer using it during evening parties, dinners and wedding parties. When paired with a smoky eye it just shows up beautifully! You'd not want to miss out on this one. 
Worth: 675Pkr
You can buy this online from Luscious Cosmetics or if you live in Karachi, can buy it from local drug stores like Aghas, Scentsation at Dolmen City, Ebco at The Forum, Naheed. 

ELF Makeup Mist & Set: I bough this product last year and honestly, initially it kept lying in my makeup stash unsed, untouched & unloved. It is only a few days back that I learnt how to use it properly and since then it has been my HG makeup setting spray! Cannot imagine my life without it. In this hot summers, this mist is one thing which keeps my makeup all day long in place  and also, it gives a dewy glow to my foundation base! Totally recommend this. Keeps my makeup in place for a good six hours during the day time when it is very very hot. 
Worth: 650Pkr
I bought this online from Lush Grooming Bargains.