Sunday, 29 September 2013

Bourjois Levres Contour, Lip Pencil- Rose Precieux.

For the first time on my blog I will be reviewing a lip pencil. Bourjois lip liner in Rose precieux.

What does Bourjois say about this product?
Answer: Its ultra soft kohl tip draws a smooth and precise lip contour to line the lips and prevent your lipstick from running for hours on end. Enriched with mineral and plant pigments (rose and green tea) it is good for your skin. the formula is easy to blend, comfortable and smoothly glides on to the lips leaving a soft velvety finish. 

Lip liners are not really my favourite and to be honest I don't even use them in daily routine. Its only when going to a wedding party or something similar I use them. This is a gorgeous, matte rose rose pink color. Got to know about this lip liner through a friend and it was such a beautiful color that I couldn't resist buying it. 
The packaging is really cute. I love the pink colour packaging of this pencil.

Lip liners help make our lipsticks stay put on our lips for longer hours. They prevent the bleeding of our lipstick. 

It is creamy in consistency. On the first application the actual color doesn't really show off and have to apply it at-least twice or thrice to get the actual Color. 
The wearing time for this lip pencil is a good 3-4 hours provided you don't eat and drink frequently in this between. 
Lip Liner swatched.

How to apply?
  • Apply it on your lip borders. Multiple applications will bring out its actual color
  • Fill in your lips with a lipcolor. 
  • Also, you can use this pencil itself as a lipcolour by filling it on the lips. Comes out as a warm, pink colour. 
  • And you re done!
If you are looking for a good, matte pink lip liner give this product a try!

Pricing and Availability: I  purchased this product from Hyperstar located at the Dolmen City Mall, Karachi. Worth 700Pkr.

Points in Favour:
  1. Matte finish
  2. Stays put for a good 3-4hours
  3. Easy application

Points not in Favour:
  1. Over priced
  2. Single application doesn't bring out the actual color.
Rating: I will rate this product 3/5.

Friday, 27 September 2013


One cannot ever get enough make-up and skin-care products! In other words, an instaiable hunger for Makeup products! Hehe, can you relate to it? I'm sure most of you out there can :D 

This haul consists of:

  1. Maybelline Colossal Kajal
  2. Loreal Paris Elvive Total Repairing Shampoo
  3. Garnier BB cream Miracle Skin Perfector
  4. Luscious Super Moisturizing Lipstick in Candy Pink
  5. Color Studio Lip-Artist in Ooh La La.

I purchased these products from Hyperstar located at the Dolmen City Mall and Agha's Supermarket, Karachi.

Tiny Body Shop Haul!

Morning readers! My today's post is about my tiny little Body Shop Haul! Body-Shop-ping is always fun! 
This haul consists of: 
  1. The Body Shop Pencil Sharpener
  2. The Body Shop Facial Brush
  3. The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask.

I purchased these items from The Body Shop outlet located at The Dolmen City Mall, Karachi.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Real Techniques Haul!

What's up gorgeous readers? Guess what did I recieve in my mailbox today? The most-talked-about brushes of all time! Yes, you guessed it right, The Real Techniques Core Collection! :D
These brushes have been on my wish-list like since forever and now I finally own them :D

The Real Techniques Core Collection set consists of:
4 full-size brushes + a case
Brushes include:
  • detailer brush: precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition
  • pointed foundation brush: Use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage
  • buffing brush: ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation
  • contour brush: delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish.
I bought these brushes online from a Facebook page, Rouge

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Avon Fragrance Haul.

I will be sharing my Avon Fragrance Haul with you all today. I bought all these products online from a Facebook page Lush Grooming Bargains,
Hope you guys like it!
This Haul consists of:

  • Avon Percieve Body Mist
  • Avon Percieve Body Roll On
  • Avon Percieve Body Spray
  • Avon Perfume.

Summer Haul.

Heya guys! Today I will be sharing my summer haul with my lovely readers :D
I bought all these things online from a facebook page, Lush Grooming Bargains,
This haul consists of:

  1. Avon Clear Skin, Pore Penetrating Facial Scrub
  2. Beauty Blending Sponge- Pink Drop Puff
  3. Avon Super Shock Mascara
  4. Avon Body Mist in Percieve
  5. Avon Darcy Sunglasses
  6. Avon Naturals, Hair Mask
  7. Beau-make Angled Toray Contour Brush 
  8. Beau-make Sable  Lip Brush
  9. Beau-make Eyeshadow Brush
  10. The Body Shop Exfoliating Bath Gloves
  11. Avon Intensive Lip Treatment with Spf 15
  12. Blue Facial Cleansing Brush by Abbamart
  13. Elf Essential Powder Puffs set of 4

Mini Haul.

Hey there wonderful readers! So this part of our blog is ALL about hauls. hope you guys like it. 
This is my mini haul, consisting of a Foot Spray by Oriflame and Sunscreen by Sun Off Plus.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Contact Us


Email Id:
Facebook Page: Curls And Cookies.
Twitter: @FaryalPechuho

About Us


Hey there! This Beauty Blog is a work of two friends, Faryal Pechuho and Maryam Amin.

 What made us create this beauty blog?
Answer: Honestly speaking we never sat down and thought of writing a beauty blog everr! It was soo random that people would'nt really believe us. Initially it was Maryam Amin's idea which she shared with Faryal Pechuho and the two decided to write together in collaboration.

Question: What do we do other than writing a beauty blog?
Answer: We are Final year MBBS students.

Question: Where are we located?
Answer: Karachi, Pakistan.

Question: When did we start writing for the blog?
Answer: We started writing for our blog on 16th September 2013.

Question: How important is this blog for you guys?
Answer: To be true coming up with an idea of creating a beauty blog is one of the awesome-est things ever happened. we don't take this blog as some sort of "work". This is something we ALWAYS wanted to do. We are so much into makeup that having a beauty blog of our own was a dream. So in other words this is basically a dream-come-true for US! :)

Questions: What does the title of your blog "Faryums" mean?
Answer: It is basically a fusion of our name; Faryal and Maryam, hence Faryum! 

Question: Who came up with the idea of this title?
Answer: Maryam Amin did.

Question: Why is your blog known as Curls & Cookies?
Answer: Our blog was previously known as Faryum's Beauty Blog, but recently we decided to re-name it and now it is known as Curls & Cookies.

Color Studio Pro-blush In Pixie Pink and Natural Glow

I will be reviewing Color Studio Professional Pro Blush in Pixie Pink and Natural Glow.  These blushes come in a huge pan, the product is 13g each. 
What does Color Studio claim about these blushes? 
Answer: The Color Studio Professional Pro Blush range consists of 5 shimmer and matte shades perfect for adding a soft flush of color to the cheeks. Each shade offers a warm undertone perfect for Asian complexions. These easy to blend soft silky blushes apply smoothly and effortlessly over foundation, giving you a natural warmth of color. Each blush is highly pigmented to suit all skin types whether you're tan or pale. With 13 grams worth of product, these blushes will last you a lifeti or pale. With 13 grams worth of product, these blushes will last you a lifetime. 

Blush is a significant part of our make-up routine. Right color and right amount of blush brings a beautiful flush to our faces. So never skip the application of a blush. Now the difficult part is choosing the right shade for yourself. I will try to make this part easier for you in this review.  Color studio pro blush comes in five shades. Havana, Natural Glow, Pixie Pink, Pinkify and Audacious Orange. The range is limited but has a variety from having a cute pink to a peachy orange to a warm pinkish-brown color. So it is least likely that you don't find a right shade for yourself from this range.  Always check if the shade is perfect for you or not in the day light. Day light brings out the natural color of the product which the artificial lights fail to do. 
Picture taken in day-light.
Pixie Pink: It is a good warm pink. It does not have shimmer. I can hardly see any shimmer in the pan so we can say its a matte pink. This is my favourite among the two I have. For people with wheatish skin tone this will appear as a natural pink flush. And for people with medium-brown tones this might appear lighter than the original color. Since its a warm matte pink can be worn best in the day time although you can use it in the evening too. Can be worn to work, school, parties, shopping etc. So do not think that it'll be too fancy to wear it to work or school. 
Natural Glow: It is a nude-peach. When I first saw the pan it showed a great amount of shimmer which initially scared me. But after the application, the shimmer hardly showed up on my face. Sigh-of-relief! Shimmery blushes are not really my favourites and I'm always running away from them. So do not panic if you see shimmer in the pan, it wouldn't really show up on your face, probably because the shimmer granules are really tiny. Perhaps nano-shimmer! Hehe. As the name indicates "Natural-Glow" this blush does not really appear very natural on my asian (light-brown) skin tone even with a single stroke. But it doesn't appear very fancy either. So if you want to keep it light and near-to-natural I suggest a single stroke of this blush. The color is build-able, that is if you want a fancy-peachy flush you can by applying multiple strokes. 
These are powder blushes. I have been using this product for more than a year now and I still have a lot of left in the pan. So you wouldn't run out of the product soon, its going to last you a good 5,6 months if you wear it everyday.
  The quality of the blush is satisfactory. Does not appear chalky on your face. Also, I do not have to struggle with blending the blush on my face. Although there is a MAJOR fall out of the product in the pan when swirling the brush, so be careful while swirling your brush in the pan because it creates a mess which is a negative point. Wearing time of the blush is no more than 2-3hours when not applied over a face primer. If I don't apply my face primer, the blush does not last more than 2-3 hours on my face. The humidity and the scorching heat of Karachi doesn't let it be there on my face for longer hours. So the wearing time in my view is average if not applied over a face primer. So do not skip your face primer. When applied over a face primer it stays on my face for a good 5-6hours (provided with all the humidity and heat). 
These Pro blushes are really pigmented. When I say really pigmented I mean that I don't have to use multiple strokes to get the desired color which is good, this way you're not using much of the product and getting a good color on your cheeks at the same time! It depends on you if you want a bright flush you can easily build more color with multiple strokes but I get a pretty good flush with just two strokes. 
How to apply?
  • Apply using a Kabuki brush or a angled-blush brush whatever you like. I usually use my Bourjois Kabuki brush to apply these blushes.
  • Swirl the brush slightly in the pan, don't be harsh or else it will create a major mess in your pan. 
  • Tap the brush in the pan to shed off the excess blush.
  • Sweep your blush across your cheekbones. Start it from your hair-line or from the bottom of your cheeks. Suck in your cheeks and then sweep your brush across your cheek bones. 
  • You're done! 
Pricing and Availability: I bought these products from Color Studio at Dolmen City Mall. Can be purchased from local drug stores across the nation. Worth 600Pkr. 
 Points in Favour:
  • Easily blended
  • Wearing time is 5-6hours (IF applied over your face primer)
  • Very pigmented
  • Reasonably priced
  • No weird fragrance
  • Huge amount of product, will last for a good 5-6months. 
Points not in favour:
  • Limited shade range
  • Major fall out in the pan, which creates a mess.
Rating: I will rate this product 4/5. 

Friday, 20 September 2013

Facial Anti-stress mask, Dead Sea Minerals.

Freeman masks and scrubs come in colourful packagings. The first Freeman mask I will be reviewing today is Facial Anti-stress mask, Dead Sea Minerals. It is a blue colored mask. Thick in consistency. 

What does freeman claim about this product?

Answer: This calming mask instantly absorbs excess oil while clarifying and purging clogged pores. Dead sea minerals contain natural supplements that are essential for maintaining Healthy skin. Sea salts help replenish and balance moisture. Lavender and bergamot promote relaxing aromatherapy. Rinse away the mask to reveal smooth radiant healthy looking skin. Ideal for all skin types.

This product comes in a 150ml, blue coloured tube. Everyday our skin is exposed to damaging UV rays, pollutants, smoke that clogs our pores with all the dirt and oil and then they cause us break-outs! The product I'm reviewing today is basically a Clay mask. Clay masks act as magnets and literally pull out all the dirt, oil from the pores and cleans them properly. So for people who have oily skin, or combination skin and suffer from acne problems this is a must-have-product for you guys! I don't agree with the statement that this mask is ideal for all skin types. Because it pulls away all the moisture from our face leading to dryness. And so in my view its not ideal for people with dry skin.

Ingredients of this product.
I have been using this product for around five months now. Results won't show up after the first use. But you will start noticing your skin to be cleaner looking and smoother after multiple times of using this product. Being a final year medical student I have to attend hospital (located in an industrial area) six days a week and by the end of the week my face literally scares the shit out of me when I seat myself in front of the mirror. This is because throughout the week it is exposed to a trillion industrial pollutants, smoke, dirt etc present in the atmosphere. And ever since I have added this product to my skin care regime I feel it has been a life saviour for me! 
Add caption

How to apply this clay mask? 

Wash and dry your face. Apply this mask with your fingers or a brush whatever you're comfortable with. Apply it on your face (avoiding contact with eyes) and the neck area. Leave it to dry. It takes around a good 20 to 25 minutes to dry completely. Keep checking by doing a finger-touch-test. Do not keep it for longer than 20-25minutes. Do not let the mask literally crack or become flaky on your face. Wash it before that. Wash your face and neck thoroughly. Towel dry it. Since the clay masks literally pull away all the oil, moisture of your facial skin do not forget moisturising/hydrating your face with a good moisturiser or a face cream what ever you like

  1. This mask cleaned my pores of dirt and grease thoroughly.
  2. Reduced my acne with time.
  3. Reduced the amount of oil on my T-zone.
  4. Skin felt smoother and clean.
  5. Skin becomes dehydrated for the first few hours as this clay mask pulls away all the moisture of the skin, for that DO NOT FORGET to moisturise your skin afterwards.
Pricing and availability: I bought this product from Hajis Superstore (located at 26th street, Badar Commercial area. Defence. Phase 6). Can also be bought from Aghas, Naheed, Imtiaz super market. Worth 292pkr.

Points in favour:
  • Refer to the first four points in the "results" section.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • No weird fragrance.
Points not in favour: 
  • If you have very dry skin, this is not for you as it tends to pull away all the moisture and oil from our face.
  • Takes a bit of time for drying.
Rating: I will rate this product 3.75/5

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Body Shop Vitamin E

The products that I am reviewing today are from all our favourite, body shop. The reason why I prefer body shop over others is because firstly their products are high quality, secondly and most important is they are all natural and are made ethically. No animal testing, so I know whatever I am using hasn’t done any harm before. So usually body shop is like my first priority, and if I don’t find something here, then I turn myself to buy from some other place.
This post not only reviews my few favourites from body shop vitamin E range, but also discusses my skin care regime.
So if you guys are interested, continue reading =)

The products reviewed here include:
Vit E cleanser
Vit E toner
Vit E gentle facewash
Vit E face mist
Vit E eye cream
Vit E night cream

I usually use these products as my night time skin care regime. Plus I’d also like to tell that I have normal to dry skin. I absolutely love this range, and have been using it every night since as far as I remember wearing makeup. Plus its pink, so all the more reasons for liking it.




PRODUCT DESCRIPTION as per body shop:
This light cream cleanser gently lifts away dirt, make-up and impurities.
·       Gently but effectively cleanses
·       Softens and conditions
·       Leaves skin feeling smooth and supple

What I say:
I couldn’t have put it in better words, I agree with this cent percent.  It’s a very gentle and mild cleaner, with a very light fragrance, not irritating at all, it doesn’t make my skin feel dry or tight after washing it off. I use it every night to remove makeup and cleanse, and it does the trick, so its worth a try. I love the packaging, it come in a 200ml full version, usually run around 3 months for me. It has never broken me out and I have considerably sensitive skin. It has a very milky texture and doesn’t foam up. I use it in combination with the toner from the very same range.

A hydrating toner that removes traces of cleanser, dirt and make-up without drying the skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and refreshed. It leaves a velvety feel on the skin.

What I say:
This is one of the best toners I have used, I use it several times a day whenever my skin feels tight, it hydrates and makes it very even and smooth looking. I use it after cleansing, it also removes all the left over makeup too.

A gentle facial wash that lathers on the skin to leave it feeling clean, soft and refreshed.

What I say:
It comes in a 100ml tube packaging, no mess style. Very gentle on face and smells nice and light too. It is my everyday facewash. It is not drying, so its good for my normal to dry skin, and leaves no dry patches. It is a non-foamy facewash, lathers like a cream and washes and hydrates.
This moisturising eye cream hydrates, smoothes and protects the delicate skin around the eye.
·       Hydrates skin in the eye area
·       Reduces the appearance of fine lines
·       Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
·       Gentle massage helps reduce puffiness

What I say:
I like this cream, it’s a part of my night regime, but its not for dark circles if that is what you are looking for in this cream, I have been using it for a very long time, but it just moisturises and hydrates my under eye area so next day my concealer spreads really nicely, according to me I have pretty much dark under eye circles. It comes in a 15 ml tube.

This rich night cream replenishes moisture levels while you sleep.
·       Intensively hydrates
·       Works when skin is at its most receptive
·       Leaves skin soft and smooth

What I say:
the full size version of this comes in a 50 ml small tub, this is one of the best night creams I have used, it is by far the most hydrating and most moisturising one and absorbs nicely. In winters I literally get dry patches, and in the morning I cant put makeup because it accentuates my dry patches. one night application of this makes my skin so baby soft and moisturised  In the morning when I wake up my skin is so glowy, smooth and one toned that I never want to wash my face. It has nice smell, the texture is nice and creamy and it doesn’t break me out and makes me look and feel amazing, what more could I have asked from a night cream.

In the day we are exposed to so many bad things for our skin like pollution and air and sun plus everyday makeup and all takes the glow away from face, I highly recommend everyone to have a night care routine, because that is when you can actually moisturise your skin and give your skin time to breath and heal, and what is better then vitamin E for skin.

A quick skin pick-me up and excellent for setting make-up. Spritz it on for instant refreshment, moisture, and protection. With a delicate rosewater scent.

What I say:
I use this as a setting spray for my makeup when sometimes I don’t want a flat matte face, I lightly spray on my face, and with this amazing rose smell, it makes my face look so glowy and dewy. It also hydrates my skin. Its nice for refreshing and moisture splurge around mid day too.

To sum it all up: I think this range is great for everyday use to remove makeup, to hydrate your skin or if you are looking for moisturising your skin.

Pricing and Availability: 
  • Vitamin E Gentle Facial wash- 1390Pkr
  • Vitamin E Cleanser- 1250Pkr
  • Vitamin E toner- 1090
  • Vitamin E Mist- 1190pkr
  • Vitamin E Night Cream- 1590
  • Vitamin E Eye Cream-1590Pkr.

Can be purchased from any Body Shop outlet located at The Forum, Naheed Supermarket, Dolmen City Mall.

  • Moisturises
  • Hydrates
  • Nice smell
  • Does not irritate skin
  • Good for all skin types.
  • No animal testing.

  • I can't think of any cons, probably just that is might be a little pricey for people for everyday use.
  • Might cause breakouts for oily skin as it is very moisturising