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Crabtree & Evelyn Silk Moisture Enhancing Socks.

Crabtree & Evelyn Silk Moisture Enhancing Socks.

Crabtree & Evelyn Silk Moisture Enhancing Socks.

Crabtree & Evelyn Silk Moisture Enhancing Socks.

(Picture Credits: Faryal Pechuho)


These pair of socks come in one color only, that is the one shown in the picture above, light brown/Skin color. The material these socks are made up of is extremely comfortable, made up of 100% silk. Not at all itchy or harsh. These are ankle length socks. 
I have been using these socks for some time now and I totally like them. For me, they are dual function; A. They keep my feet warm in winters and B. They make my feet really soft and hydrated.
How do I use these socks: What I do is, I clean my feet at night before going to the bed, I clean it thoroughly with water and soap and then I let them air dry for a few minutes. Next I apply The Body Shop's Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue on my feet and in the end I wear these socks. You may use any moisturiser or even Vaseline. Keep wearing them over night and then take them off the following morning.
Results: I wake up to soft and hydrated feet. No dry scaly reptile like feet anymore.
Over-all I will totally recommend these socks to all, especially in the winters I think they're a must have.
Wash them after every use to maintain the hygiene level. You can wash them with water and soap.

Price & Availability: I bought these pair of socks from Crabtree & Evelyn at Dolmen City Mall, Clifton, Karachi. I bought these socks during a sale at Crabtree & Evelyn for around PKR 530. I'm not sure about the actual price. You mayvisit the shop and check it out. Or if you're not in Karachi you may visit the Crabtree & Evelyn website for further queries here
Visit the Facebook page of Crabtree & Evelyn Pakistan here.

Points in favour:

  • The material of the socks is very comfortable. 
  • Price on sale was reasonable.
  • Can be easily hand washed.
  • Makes my feet very soft and smooth.
  • People living in Karachi, Pakistan can easily visit the shop and get these socks.
Points not in favour:
  • Available in only one color. 


  1. These sound amazing.. I wonder where can I find these in Isb.. Great review :)

  2. These looks so comfy :) i need it now :) going to get it in sale :) and Loved your review :)

  3. Silk socks? So pampered... great

  4. I love the idea of the moisture lock during winters.Nice review.

  5. My mom won't ever allow me to sleep with socks on! :D There's some science behind it too that the heat doesn't get its passage out of body that way and can go to the head! :/ Nonetheless, these sound good for their job. :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  6. I agree with the myth Jadez shared, buy some how these socks looks like saviour of Winter ridden feet.

  7. Sound interesting. I have never had scaly feet thankfully but still these would be nice :)

  8. This is definitely a must have!!!

  9. Yes its not good to wear socks but is ok to wear extremely thin ones. They work exactly the same way. I often use vaseline n socks. Its best to do it at night.

  10. Sounds really interesting! Thanks for the review...

    LOVE XoxoX


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