Friday, 30 May 2014

RSL Hydra White Whitening Face Wash & Cream.

Hello beautiful souls, today we're going to be reviewing RSL's Hydra White Range.
Note: These products were received as PR samples and this in no way will alter our views and thoughts about these products.

Hydra White Facial wash (back side)

Hydra White Cream ( back side)

It is an European Cosmetic brand. These products are free of any harmful ingredients. Formulated in USA & Europe with internationally certified innovative ingredients & dermatologists.

RSL has three distinct skin treatment lines for now:
  1. Acne Be Gone  Skin Treatment, preventive and repair for Acne Prone Skin 
  2. Hydra White- Skin Whitening Treatment with no side effects 
  3. RSL 7- Multi Vitamin Skin Treatment for Youthful, Healthy Skin - No Side Effects.

What RSL say about Hydra White Face-wash?
Hydra White Whitening Face Wash is a skin whitener designed to remove dirt, pollution and oil build up.Visible results in less then 4 weeks. Use daily to achieve fairer and healthier skin. Clinically approved and Dermatological tested.

I  have been using this face wash for a complete month now. And I've used about 75% of the face wash by now. During the first multiple washes I did not really feel any sort of a positive change with this product. But gradually I began noticing that my dull complexion was growing brighter. I wouldn't say that it magically will make your face glow or make it look white instantly as the product claims. In my case it took me a few weeks to realise that it was working on my face. It was not instant. Also I did not notice any whitening, like you will not see some sort of a white cast on your face or some glow. It will appear to brighten complexion in the sense that your skin will feel more clean, healthy looking and fresh. The product also claims to even the skin complexion but I disagree with this to some extent. My face and neck both are different tones and when applying this face wash I made sure I put the same amount on my neck region too. And now after using this product for a month I can safely say that it did not do much to even my complexion in the face and neck regions. I use this face wash daily twice or sometimes thrice a day.

What RSL say about Hydra White Face-cream?
Hydra White Whitening cream restores skin to an even complexion. Formulated to brighten skin. Immediate results in less than 7 days with best results in 4 weeks of use.

The first thing I noticed about this cream was it's fragrance. I am not a fan of it's fragrance to be honest. The first time I smelled it and the very first thing which came to my mind was a drug-store hair removal cream :/ that's awful I know! Coming back to the product itself, the product did not not show instant results, as mentioned in the description of the product. I paired it with the face-wash and it worked just fine. Not something out-of-the-box. Plus since I have a combination skin type the cream tends to make my face a bit greasier after sometime which is again not very favourable since it's already too hot. So I think I would be using it more in winters than in this terribly-hot weather.About the whitening part, the cream did not lighten my acne marks or any pigmentation. Overall it just made my complexion better than before but did not really work on the troubled areas of the face.

Price & Availability: Whitening face-wash is worth 95Pkr and the Whitening cream worth 150Pkr. Can be bought online from or it is also available at local drug-stores across Karachi like Naheed etc. 

Points in Favour:

  • Reasonably priced.
  • Did not cause any irritations.
  • No side-effects.
  • Face wash works fine and makes complexion better.
  • Easily available.
  • Travel friendly packaging.

Points not in Favour:

  • Fragrance of the cream is a turn off.
  • Face cream tends to make skin a bit greasier hence not very suitable for summers.
  • Both the products do not have instant effects.
  • Does not even the skin tone.
  • Does not help lighten the acne marks or any areas of pigmentation on the face.
For more information on RSL products, please have a look at their Facebook page here.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

A day at bluRain Spa & Salon.

(Picture credits: Google)

bluRain Salon & Spa Review:

This salon is located in Karachi, Pakistan. 

It was my first ever visit to bluRain today. After all the great reviews I read about it, I was very tempted. 
So I decided to go for one of their facials (since their facials are the most-talked-about). I chose their Glow Facial for Combination Skin type. Also I got face threading and Basic Manicure & Pedicure. 
As I reached I was first taken for threading. It was good. This girl named Sumera ( I think) did my threading and she listened to what I wanted and I was satisfied. Next I was told that I'll have to go for the facial. Since it was my first visit I was unaware of the fact that their facials are done in the other separate part of the salon which is on the first floor of the building. I was accompanied by one of their workers to the first floor where the other part of the salon is located. Honestly this was a bit turn off for me. Anyways then I was seated and given a form to fill which had details like name, contact number, mailing address, skin texture, pigmentation etc. I think the form is to be filled by all the new clients. Then proceeding further I was taken to this room where I changed and then their Aesthetician showed up and checked my skin with this magnifying glass and she proceeded with my facial. This lady is SUPER kind and an amazing person. Throughout my facial she kept talking to me and kept advising me on how to maintain a good skin care routine, what to use what not to use. She is someone who believes in spreading her knowledge and I found this thing extremely good about her. Also during the latter half of my facial, this other worker there gave me a good/relaxing feet & hand oil massage. It is later that I got to know that it was complimentary. With every facial/cleansing you get a complimentary feet & hand oil massage. A plus point indeed! :D
I was done with my facial in an hour and then I had to go down again to the salon for my other services. I then had my Manicure & Pedicure done. This lady named Soniya did my mani and Aqsa did my pedi and both were SO friendly and humble. They kept asking me throughout if everything was fine. Also, I was asked a multiple times for coffee or tea and then was served tea (which was also good :p) 
Finally I was done with everything and it was time for the payment. I decided to pay via credit card. They tried charging the card but couldn't get through. This lady there told me that she tried it multiple times but probably the network was down or something & they couldn't charge it. Not that it's a very big problem but it was kinda turn off since I confirmed with them on the phone that I'd pay via credit card and they didn't object or anything and because of which I did not carry enough cash. Since I live nearby I called up and told my driver to get cash. But I think they should look into this, since a lot of people don't usually carry cash plus not everybody lives nearby. So to avoid any uncalled-for situation their card machine should be working all the time. Other than this I had an amazing time at bluRain today. The staff is SO SO humble and I was glad to see this. They keep smiling and they keep asking you for coffee/tea and if every thing's fine, so thumbs-up to that! 

Now the ratings:
Facial 5/5
Manicure, Pedicure 5/5
Hygiene, Ambiance 5/5
Overall: 9/10 ( deducting 0.5 for the card machine malfunction and 0.5 for the facials being conducted in the other part of the salon located separately on the first floor of the building). 

For more details, please head over to their Facebook page BluRain Salon.