Sunday, 22 September 2013

About Us


Hey there! This Beauty Blog is a work of two friends, Faryal Pechuho and Maryam Amin.

 What made us create this beauty blog?
Answer: Honestly speaking we never sat down and thought of writing a beauty blog everr! It was soo random that people would'nt really believe us. Initially it was Maryam Amin's idea which she shared with Faryal Pechuho and the two decided to write together in collaboration.

Question: What do we do other than writing a beauty blog?
Answer: We are Final year MBBS students.

Question: Where are we located?
Answer: Karachi, Pakistan.

Question: When did we start writing for the blog?
Answer: We started writing for our blog on 16th September 2013.

Question: How important is this blog for you guys?
Answer: To be true coming up with an idea of creating a beauty blog is one of the awesome-est things ever happened. we don't take this blog as some sort of "work". This is something we ALWAYS wanted to do. We are so much into makeup that having a beauty blog of our own was a dream. So in other words this is basically a dream-come-true for US! :)

Questions: What does the title of your blog "Faryums" mean?
Answer: It is basically a fusion of our name; Faryal and Maryam, hence Faryum! 

Question: Who came up with the idea of this title?
Answer: Maryam Amin did.

Question: Why is your blog known as Curls & Cookies?
Answer: Our blog was previously known as Faryum's Beauty Blog, but recently we decided to re-name it and now it is known as Curls & Cookies.

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