Sunday, 9 March 2014

How To Find Out THE BODY SHOP Products Production Date?

Hello gorgeous ladies! I came across a very interesting query today regarding The Body Shop products expiry dates. Honestly before reading this I have always had this in mind that Body Shop products have no expiry date at all since they are made up of natural ingredients! I know that might sound weird to most of you but that's me being honest. 

I did a quick research and to my surprise I found a very good way of calculating/knowing your TBS product's production date! 

Now how to find out the production date exactly?

First of all you will have to look for the "batch-code" present on your Tbs product! DO NOT CONFUSE THE PRODUCT BATCH-CODE WITH YOUR PRODUCT BAR-CODE. Batch code is shorter than your bar code. These are printed on your products with a different font from the font which is used for the other specifications, ingredients etc. It usually consists of alphabets and numerical both e.g: XH911RA. Keep in mind that different Body Shop products have their batch-codes printed at different sites of the products. For instance body lotions will most probably have the batch-code printed on the bottom of the bottles, products present in the tubs will have it printed on the sides rather than on the bottom.
Now to help you guys locate your product batch-codes, I've taken a few pictures of my different TBS products. Hope this helps you. 

Picture of The Body Shop Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue tub.

Picture of The Body Shop Body Lotion in Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Picture of The Body shop Body Lotion in Vineyard Peach.

After locating you batch-code, go to the following website and then select Body Shop in the cosmetic brands section and then put your batch-code in the given area/box and click "Check". And you're done! 

For a sample have a look at the picture below: 

Hope this helps you in finding out about your favourite products! :) 
Your feed-back will be appreciated. 


  1. Oh wow. This was really helpful. I try not to buy things from The Body Shop stores in Paksitan because I just assume the things are expired. :p

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