Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Lipstick Tips!

Hello gorgeous ladies! Will be sharing few quick lipstick tips with you all today:

1. I'm sure most of you would agree to the fact that lips make the most prominent part of your face and they have to be taken care of exactly how we take care of the rest of our face. Key to good looking healthy lips is moisturising! Thus wear a lip balm which has SPF of at-least 15 in it. Apart from this weekly scrub/exfoliate your lips. 

2. Do not accentuate your eyes and lips both at the same time! Chances are, you might end up looking freaky. The rule is, if you're wearing red lips or any other bold lips make sure you're wearing minimal amount of eye makeup so that it co-ordinates with your bold/red lips! 

3. For more fuller lips and a great pout always line your lips with a matching lip liner. This way your pout would look more lively. 

4. Make sure your liner matches exactly to your lipstick colour. Never ever wear a dark lip liner with a light coloured lipstick! You'd end up looking very weird. 

5. To make your lipstick long lasting, prime your lips before or you can also use a lip liner to fill in the lips and act as a strong base to hold your lipstick for longer time period.

6. To make sure your lipstick does not bleed out later, apply a little concealer around the border of your lips.

7. Avoid getting your teeth stained with your lipstick. After applying your lipstick, put your finger in the mouth and then close your lips around it and then gently pull out your finger. Excess lipstick will come out on your finger. 

8. Never ever use a lipstick tester on your lips! You never know how many people and with what awful hygienic conditions would have tried on that particular tube of the lipstick. Always test the lipstick on your finger tips, they are the closest match to our lips. 

9. To avoid staining the glass with your lipstick, simply lick your lips before taking a sip. 

10. If you think a particular lipstick doesn't look right on you and doesn't co-ordinate well with your over all look, you're probably right! 


  1. okay these are great tips but have heard most of them before ... apart from the 9th one ... seriously i hate when it left a stain on the glass ... so i will surely try this :) thanks for sharing :) and ist true ... Life is short buy tons of lipsticks <3

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    1. Thankyouu Shumaila! :) Yeah do try and let me know :)


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