Sunday, 15 September 2013

Oriflame's Eco-Beauty Hand Cream.

Today, Im going to review another amazing product from Oriflame, Oriflame Eco-Beauty Hand-cream. Oriflame recently launched their Eco-Beauty range here in Pakistan. And so as a promotional offer they put all the products from this range on sale. I got this product from an oriflame consultant and it is not available at any local drugstores here in Pakistan.

What does Oriflame claim about this product?

Answer: A hand-cream that offers immediate nourishment with fair-trade organic coconut oil and fair-trade Shea butter helping to soften skin and protect against the effects of environmental stressors. Contains moisturising organic glycerine and mineral UV filters.


The hand-cream comes in a 75ml tube. The thing which attracted me the most about this product was that it claimed to be "Paraben-Free". Woohoo! Ain't that a good thing? Okay, for all of you out there who remain confused as to what are Parabens and why do we often get to hear about them in relation to cosmetics. Parabens are basically classed as chemicals which are used in the cosmetics, skin care products, hair care products etc as preservatives. These Parabens function to stop the growth of microbes (microscopic organisms which may contaminate the product). And later on these Parabens are absorbed from the skin to into human blood circulation and various human systems and can cause various side effects. So it is better to look for products which are Paraben free.  This product claims that 99% of the ingredients are of natural origin while 11% of the ingredients are from Organic farming.  Now moving on with the review, the product has this minute fragrance which cant really be described in words but one thing I can tell you for sure is that it is not at all irritating and goes away after a while. The packaging of the tube is satisfactory and so there is no chance of spilling or taking out huge mount of cream at one go and messing up your drawer in that case. I like tube packagings because they cannot be contaminated as compared to the jar packagings where you have to insert your fingers all the time leading to the contamination of the jar.  It is a white coloured cream. People like me who wash their hands several times a day definitely need this beauty! The thing about washing hands is that for the time being it cleans our hand of dirt but by putting hands often in water it pulls away all the moisture from the skin of our hands and that is when you need a good remedy to help you with that and that is where this Eco-beauty hand-cream comes in action. Although the cream is not at all greasy but after multiple applications you'll definitely notice your hands to be smoother than before. I use this product everyday. And so to get noticeable results you will have to use this product religiously. For the best results apply it before going to bed.

Pricing: originally worth 590Pkr. On sale 469Pkr. 

Points in favour:

  • Good packaging of the tube
  • No awful fragrance
  • Paraben free product. Made from natural ingredients.
  • Reasonably priced.

Points not in favour: 

  • Can only be purchased via Oriflame consultants, not available at local drug-stores.


I will rate this product 4.5/5.


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