Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Oriflame- VeryMe Smoothie Foundation.

What's up gorgeous readers? Today has been a very tiring, long day for me! well, I'm sure you guys had a great day. Moving on with the review, my todays review is on a foundation. Oriflame's Very Me Smoothie Foundation. 
What does Oriflame claim about this product?

Answer: Get an extra vitamin kick for your skin! Like a smoothie for your face, this nourishing foundation is enriched with berry and yogurt extracts to give you flawless, picture-perfect skin. 


I applied this foundation using my MUA stippling brush. Can be applied with fingers or a blending sponge too, depends on whatever you re good at and comfortable with. So here goes the review. To be honest initially I was resistant in using this foundation, I got it in a deal on Oriflame's mega sale offer and I did not buy it individually. Since the mega sale offer by Oriflame was very tempting I bought that deal and this Very Me Smoothie Foundation came with that deal. I thought that this would be laying down in my makeup drawer forever or maybe at one point later on I would just give it away to a friend or anybody. But then one fine day I decided to try this foundation and give my reviews about it.  It comes in a small 30ml bottle with purple cap and the packaging is really cute. It has a nozzle through which the foundation comes out. And so one can control the amount of foundation needed thus removing the risk of spilling it. It is liquid in consistency. The shade I got this foundation in is Ivory. It comes in three other shades. This one being the second lightest in the range. I did not voluntarily choose this shade for myself and it was already included in the deal I bought, so I had no choice but to take this in Ivory. It has this very nice slight fragrance of berries which one could smell initially but with time it vanishes. And it is not at all irritating.

To my surprise this shade almost matched my skin colour. Which is a good thing. Initially after the foundation application my face gave this really-weird-wet kind of look but gradually it settled down. Also my skin became somewhat sticky after applying it which is a negative thing about it. But the stickiness reduced to almost no stickiness after I settled my foundation with the pressed powder. One very good thing about this foundation is that it dos not transfer! Very few foundations come with this great quality. And to my surprise this foundation was transfer resistant. 

I have combination skin and so my T-zone tends to get oily very often. But this foundation kept my T-zone oil and shine free for around an hour and after that my T-zone started shining. For this, you have to set your foundation with a good quality pressed powder. Its like sort of mandatory. Because the weather conditions in Karachi don't permit us to go out without the application of the pressed powder so yes thats essential. 

The foundation does conceal mild dark circles and slight pigmentation. But it completely fails to cover the acne scars/heavily pigmented areas on the face. So I suggest using your concealer with this foundation. 
The foundation is best for day time use and is a light coverage foundation. 

Pricing: 449Pkr.

Points in favour:

  • Transfer resistant
  • Easily blended
  • No weird fragrance.
  • Packaging
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good for dry skin. Can also be used for combination skin (but has to be settled with the pressed powder) 
  • Covers mild dark circles and slight pigmentation.

Points not in favour:

  • Limited number of shade range.
  • Not available from local drugstores. (can only be purchased via Oriflame consultants)
  • Produces Stickiness on the face.
  • Does not conceal acne scars.
  • Not suitable for very oily skin. 


I will rate this product 3/5. 

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