Thursday, 19 September 2013

Avon Intensive Moisture Lip Treatment spf15 with Royal Jelly.

Hello! Today I would be reviewing a lip care product. Honestly I was never a fan of lip care products before because either they never worked for me or maybe I wasn't too serious about their application and significance. But believe me nothing looks uglier than DRY, CRACKED lips! Our lips make up the most prominent feature on our face and I believe that they should be taken care of exactly how we look after our hands, feet, hair, facial skin etc.

 The lip-care product I'll be reviewing today is Avon Intensive Moisture Lip Treatment spf15 with Royal Jelly.

What does Avon say about this product?

ANSWER: Intense lip moisture care with SPF15. Leaves lips looking and feeling soft and supple. With royal jelly extract and almond oil.


Before moving on with the review I would introduce you to Avon. Although you all would be familiar with this international brand but for those readers who do not know about it, here you go: Avon is an American International manufacturer and distributor 
o f beauty household and personal care company that sells products through representative in across 140 countries through out the world!

Now moving on with the review, this product comes in a small 10ml tube. As mentioned earlier the product has spf 15, that means this product will be basically protecting our lips from damaging sun rays. Often we wear lip-balms and go out in the sun thinking we have secured our lips with the balm. But at times only a lip balm is not sufficient. That is where this product succeeds. Having spf 15 will protect lips from unwanted pigmentation and other harmful effects of UV rays which the normal non-spf lip balms would'nt.

It is a colourless product, not very runny in consistency which makes it a perfect product for the application on lips. The product has this very nice Shea butter fragrance which is not at all irritating. The product is entirely taste-less so incase you eat it by licking your lips its still okay.  I have been using this product for around a month and half now and I'm satisfied with the results. Before using this product I always had a problem of dry and chapped lips because it made my lipstick look really weird. And we all know that for good and smooth lipstick application our lips have to be really smooth and soft. So this is when I thought I should be investing in a good lip care product and that is when I saw this product on a Facebook page and ordered it right away. Since then I am using this lip care product religiously and I feel a huge difference between my lips then and now.  You can wear this product either under or over your lipstick or on bare lips, whichever way you like. I usually wear this product under my matte lipstick for a more smooth finishing of my lip-colour. And I also wear it on my lips before going to bed at night so that its stays on my lips over night. Since the winters are going to be here in a few months time, I suggest you guys start stocking up this product. Winters are always harsh with our skin and lips specifically making them look dull with all the dead skin and cracked skin. This is going to be a life saviour in winters I bet! 
Ingredients of this product.

Pricing and Availability:

 I purchased this product online from a Facebook page, Lush Grooming Bargains. ( Worth 270Pkr. 

Points in favour:

  • Has spf 15
  • Taste less
  • Shea butter fragrance
  • Packaging
  • Reasonably priced

Points not in favour:

Not available at local drug stores here in Pakistan. Can only be purchased online.


I will rate this product 4/5.

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