Sunday, 10 August 2014

SpectraBAN SC Sun Screen.

Sun screens are a must have product. This is one product which is common in EVERY makeup stash! If you are someone with an oily or combination skin type and struggling hard to find one good sunscreen which doesn't make you look like having a oil drenched face then keep reading, this might end your search..

Today I will be reviewing Stiefel's SpectraBAN Sunscreen. 
The review will be brief & to the point.

What does this product claim?

  • For oily/combination skin type.
  • Non-Comedogenic.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Non-Greasy.
  • Paraben free.
  • Water resistant.
  • Perfume free.


  • The product comes in a 45ml, white coloured hard plastic bottle. With a pump on the top to take out the product. 
  • You can carry the bottle in your bag with you since the packaging is travel-friendly.
  • It has SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 40. 
  • The consistency of the product is gel-like. It is not creamy or liquid as most of the sunscreens we use are. I found this to be a plus point since wearing liquid and creamy products in this terribly hot weather is awful. 
  • The product claims that the gel like formula of this sunscreen is specially designed to control sebum, as it contains unique Micro pore Structures. I agree to their claim of sebum control to some degree. But not completely since my nose does show a bit of oil after a few hours. But, that shouldn't be an issue. Oil prone skin is suppose to be that way only.
  • After the application of this sunscreen, the product absorbs in to my skin REAL fast. Also, I do not get that tacky, sticky feeling on my face at all.
  • There is no weird fragrance to this product. 
  • Did not cause me any kind of irritation or any breakouts (thankfully). 
  • Also, what I have noticed is that this product makes a pretty good base for makeup too. Like usually I don't like wearing makeup over a sunscreen, because of the stickiness that particular sunscreen causes. But this product does not at all make my skin greasy. 
  • After wearing this sunscreen it feels like nothing is on my face. Its like feeling my skin. So basically this product lets my skin breathe! 
  • I would not say that this is my HG sunscreen since the sunscreen I was using previously Sun Off Plus Sun Screen, was SUPER mattifying! But this product is the second best. 
  • I bought this product around seven months back for around 1900Pkr. This could be a bit turn off since it's tad bit expensive. 
  • I bought this product from Kausar Medicos, Clifton, Karachi. But can be bought from any local drug store or pharmacy across the country. 

Points in favour:

  • Good for oily and combination skin type.
  • Keeps oil at bay. 
  • Does not cause any irritation or breakouts.
  • No perfumed fragrance.
  • Makes a pretty good base for makeup.
  • Absorbs in to the skin really quick.
  • Does not make face look like a grease ball.
  • Easily available.
  • Travel friendly packaging.

Points not in favour:

  •  Tad bit expensive. 
  • May over dry skin if you already have a dry skin type. 



  1. Seems a nice sunscreen...but is too expensive and oh also not good for dry skin...thanks for ur honest review

  2. Too expensive, n mostly out of stock in market. Nice review.

  3. Gel formula sounds interesting, too bad it won't suit my skin! I'd like to try a spray sunscreen too! xx

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. You can try Stiefel's Sun Max sensitive SPF 30 which for dry to normal skin. You can read my review on

  4. For how long does 45mL last if you use it everyday?

    1. Hey Aiman, since one needs very less amount each day it will probably last for a good four months! :)

    2. Oh thanks. And does one need to reapply because in this hot humid weather my face turns oily/sweaty within an hour I go outside?

  5. now i need this in my life...
    following u sis
    plz follow here

    1. Thankyou Aamal. Following you too! :)

  6. Hi
    Nice post, I have been using Stiefel's sunblock for very long time as i have normal to dry skin so Sun Max Sensitive SPF 30 is suitable for me which is less expensive luckily :)

    Following you on Bloglovin would love to see you following back


  7. Artikel yang bagus gan, produk yang sangat bagus yach untuk rekomendasi...
    Harga Sunblock bisa dijangkau dan menghilangkan jerawat dengan pure skin oriflame yang diproduksi dengan standar yang bagus oleh perusahaan oriflame....
    Selain produk tersebut Oriflame juga memproduksi Lipstik Matte yang sangat bagus untuk digunakan mempercantik penampilan sahabat lho...
    Terima Kasih atas artikelnya.....


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