Friday, 8 November 2013

The Body Shop Mango Lip Butter.

Hey readers! How have you all been? Winters have officially hit Karachi and hope you guys are enjoying every bit of it? We all wait for winters desperately, don't we? It's our favourite season of the year and I'm sure it is favourite for most of you! Speaking of that, a lot of extra care has to be taken in winters as this season brings with it dry chapped lips, dry skin and so much more which is not good for us. And so we decided to review a lip care product for you guys. 

I will be reviewing The Body Shop Mango Lip Butter.


This lip butter comes in a small yellow coloured, 10ml jar. I find the packaging of the lip butter really cute and easy to use. It is completely travel friendly. Although I prefer tube packaging over the jar ones as there are minimal to absolutely no chances of contaminating the product.

Quantity of the lip butter is fairly good. The product will last for a good seven to eight months. 
The thing about the lip butters is that they are thicker in consistency than the usual lip balms. So when applied on lips it appears as a thick layer. I wouldn't say that the lip butter doesn't show up as completely transparent on the lips because every time I apply this lip butter, it shows up as a gray-white film on my lips. I'm not really sure if it will show up the same on everyone else too but it does show up kind of pale on my lips and for this reason I can't wear it alone whenever I have to go out. I usually wear this lip butter before going to bed and so that it stays over night and nourishes my lips well.

The results are pretty average. It makes my lips soft and smooth when I wake up in the morning. But for constant results one has to use this lip butter regularly. In my view it is not really moisturising or hydrating to my lips when applied. May be that is how a lip butter is suppose to be. So in my opinion it's wrong to consider a lip butter to function exactly how a lip balm does. The lip butter is not sticky.

One thing I completely love about this lip butter is it's fragrance! It smells like real mangoes. Mango lovers would fall in love with this product. The fragrance of mangoes is so heavenly that most of the times I end up eating the product by constantly licking my lips, hehe! The smell goes away after some time. 

Ideal for use in winters. 
For a comparative review check my blog post on Avon Intensive Moisture Lip Treatment. 

Price and Availability: I bought this Lip Butter from The Body Shop outlet located at The Dolmen City Mall, Karachi. Worth 790Pkr.

Points in favour:

  • Good quantity of the product.
  • Heavenly fragrance of mangoes.
  • Thicker than usual lip balms.
  • Softens lips.
  • Fruity remedy for dry lips.

Points not in favour:

  • Appears as a gray-white film on the lips.
  • Jar packaging may lead to contamination of the product.
  • A bit pricey. 

Rating: I would rate this product 3.5/5

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