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Abbamart Beau Make Brushes.

Hello pretty readers. Today for the first time I will be reviewing makeup brushes on my blog! Excited? We are too. Makeup brushes make the most important part of the daily makeup routine. They are a hygienic way of applying makeup. Right brushes are as important as right makeup. So one shouldn't at all compromise when it comes to the makeup brushes. 

Today I will be reviewing Abbamart Beau Make Brushes.

Angled Toray Contour Brush:

What is the product description?

* Wide, angled powder blush brush made with plush and thick Toray hair

* Angled cut aids in natural shading and blending when contouring cheeks with bronzer and blush, or highlighting with shimmer

*Soft and gentle, non-irritating even on sensitive skin

* Thick natural wooden handle

Total length: 16.5 cm

Hair length: 3.5 cm


This brush has a thick, yellow coloured handle to it. Which has Beau Make printed on it in black.
 First I would like to tell you what exactly is Toray hair. Toray hair is the best quality hair in the synthetic fibre. The hair retains the original shape after use and give correct degree of strength and spring.

I use this brush for two different purposes. Mostly I use it to apply my blusher. And secondly I use it to put highlighter. So basically I use this brush for dual function. Although I'm not a bronzer person but if one wants, they can use it to apply their bronzer powder too using this brush. 
The angled-cut of this brush makes it easy to apply the powder blusher. Swirl this brush in your blusher pan and just sweep it diagonally across your cheek bones and you are done! It picks up nice amount of the product and you do not have to struggle with picking up the amount of product you want, which is in turn very good as this way the blusher pan doesn't end up becoming messy. The handle of this brush is firm enough and fits perfectly in my hands and is easy to hold as well as easy to use

I have washed this brush multiple times by now and the quality of the brush hair is still the same. I haven't noticed any shedding of the brush hair. Over-all it is a great brush especially for the beginners out there! 

Sable Lip Brush: 

What is the product description?

* Basic style lip brush with short handle made from durable, fine natural sable hair

* Use with lip gloss, lipstick and liner to neatly define and contour lip shape

* Applying lipstick with a brush uses less of your product so it lasts longer

* Natural wood handle

Total length: 9.5 cm

Ferrule size: 0.6 pi


This is a small brush with a short, yellow coloured wooden handle with Beau Make printed on it in black. The brush hair has a pointed end which is good for the precise application of the lip colour. But I believe it is too small to pick up an average amount of product at one go and so it takes time to apply the lip colour when using this brush. The handle is firm enough although a bit too short but fits in my palms perfectly and not to hard to use. 

I have washed this brush once till now and I haven't noticed any shedding of the brush hair nor has the quality of hair changed. 

Small Sable Eyeshadow Brush:

What is the product description?

* Eyeshadow brush made from genuine natural sable

* Wide head is perfect for spreading base eye colour

* Blends and shades different tones of eyeshadow

* Use to highlight the eyebrow arch and the inner eye area

Total length: 9.5 cm Ferrule size: 0.6 pi


This is a small brush with a short, yellow coloured wooden handle with Beau Make printed on it in black. I haven't used this brush much because of its small size. Mostly I use this brush for applying highlighter on my brow bone and the inner corners of my eyes as these areas require only small amount of products and so I use this brush for precise application of the highlighter in these areas. Other than that I have used it a few times for blending of my eye shadows and it does it pretty well. But since the brush is short one might not be comfortable using it for the purpose of blending eye shadows. 

I have washed this brush once and did not notice any shedding of the brush hair.

Over-all I think these are a good budget friendly brushes. Abbamart has a huge huge range of brushes for face, body, cheeks, eyes and lips and you have a variety of options to choose from! Link to the Abbamart website is Here.

Price and Availability:

I bought these brushes online from a Facebook page Lush Grooming Bargains, they are one of the official retailers of Abbamart in Pakistan. 

  1. Angled Toray Contour Brush: 750Pkr. $6.00
  2. Sable Lip Brush- Short Handle: 240Pkr. $2.70
  3. Small Sable Eyeshadow Brush: 343Pkr. $3.20
Points in favour:
  • Travel friendly.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Brush hair does not shed after washing.
  • Brush hair quality does not alter after washing.
  • Can be easily washed.
  • Does not cause any kind of irritation to the face.
  • Good for beginners.

Points not in favour:
  • Can only be bought online. Not available at local drug stores.
  • Eyeshadow brush is too small for comfortable application and blending of the eye shadows.

Rating: I would rate these brushes 4/5.

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