Thursday, 28 November 2013

MAC Cosmo Lipstick.

Hello beautiful readers! As you all know that we are celebrating MAC lipstick week on our blog, in which we are going to review a MAC lipstick everyday on our blog for this entire week! We have already reviewed four MAC lipsticks and today we're going to come up with another brilliant shade for you guys! 

MAC lipstick to be reviewed today is "Cosmo".

Before moving on with the review I would like to tell you that MAC lipsticks come in nine different finishes, which are as follows:

  1. Amplified
  2. Amplified Creme
  3. Cremesheen
  4. Frost
  5. Glaze
  6. Lustre
  7. Matte
  8. Retro Matte
  9. Satin.


Cosmo is an Amplified Creme finish lipstick. Now the question stands that what exactly does Amplified Creme finish means? These lipsticks give opaque coverage similar to the matte formula, but are much less drying. They are very creamy and soft-textured lipsticks. Amplified and Amplified Creme fall in the same category. Even though they have incredible coverage and opacity, they are not completely matte and they last a long time too. So if a matte finish is not your cup of tea, I would definitely recommend you this or a Cremesheen. 

This lipstick comes in a black, hard plastic container with MAC printed on it in silver. MAC describes Cosmo as "Pink Coco" which is pretty right. To describe this colour rightly I would say it is a Warm neutral pink with brown undertones. Now this is a perfect example of an everyday wear colour! This is one of those lipsticks that can be worn when we run out of options or cannot decide on which colour to wear. 

Brown undertones of cosmo prevent it from appearing as purplish-pink on the lips. Cosmo shows up more of a neutral colour with a hint of pink and brown on my Asian skin tone. For the reference I am NC 30. Since I have brownish-pink lips this appears as neutral pink on my lips and looks just perfect. It is an ideal colour for everyday use. I usually wear it to school. 

Since the formula of this lipstick is Amplified, it is buildable but I like to keep it light more towards the neutral pink look but one can always build up the colour for a more bold look. The creamy consistency of this lipstick keeps my lips hydrated and moisturised the entire time I am wearing this lipstick. Staying power of Cosmo I believe is not one of the longest. One reason might be because it is a lighter shade. The maximum it stayed put on my lips was around three hours without any intake of meals in between. With intake meals it tends to feather away even earlier. Also, it has a tendency to bleed if not applied with a lip liner. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this lipstick shade to everyone, being an ideal daily wear colour.

MAC Cosmo Swatched.

Price and Availability: Can be bought from Naheed Supermarket, Agha's or EBCO located at The Forum. Worth 2700Pkr. 

Points in favour:

  1. Travel friendly packaging
  2. Buildable colour.
  3. Moderate wearing time.
  4. Keeps the lips moisturised and hydrated.
  5. Does not settle in the dry areas of the lips.
  6. Does not appear purplish-pink due to slight brown undertones.
  7. Perfect colour for everyday wear.
  8. Best for day time.

Points not in favour:
  1.  Feathers away with meals.
  2. May bleed if not applied with a lip liner.
  3. Pricey.

Rate: I would rate this 4.5/5

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  1. Take me to USA i want mac lipsticks :D
    its hell expensive here ...Love the shade <3


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