Monday, 18 November 2013

Oriflame Feet Up Reviving Foot spray.

Hello beautiful readers! One cannot obviously live without body sprays, body mists and perfumes. I mean honestly who doesn't like to smell good at all the times, all of us want to right? But how many of us actually have the same views for our feet? Smelly feet is something which strongly turns me off! I couldn't resist when I found out about Oriflame's Feet Up Reviving Foot Spray and bought it right away! 

So today I will be reviewing Oriflame Feet Up Reviving Foot Spray.

What does Oriflame say about this foot spray?

Answer: Instantly cool your feet and keep them fresh and deodorised with odour-fighting technology and a delightful scent. With Eucalyptus Oil to naturally deodorise and Mint to fresh. Use anytime on your feet or inside shoes. 


This foot spray comes in a 150ml, white bottle with a plastic cap on the top. The idea of this spray is basically to keep our feet fresh and smelling good after an entire day at work, school, job or whatever. I am someone who prefers wearing socks most of the times to the school. And when after an entire day you take them off your feet, the smell of the sweat just turns you off doesn't it? Although it is not that strong but yes it is weird and irritating for most of us. This is where this Foot spray comes in action. 

The fragrance of this foot spray is more like minty. The smell literally turns me on, it is like so fresh and pleasant that one wants to put more and more of this spray. I spray my feet every morning before wearing my socks. And after I get back home and take off my socks I can literally smell the minty fragrance on my socks. So yes it stays for a good time period. Although obviously we cannot smell our feet to check but the good part is that the feet doesn't smell bad if not good either. This spray in my view neutralises all the bad odour on my feet and keeps them as fresh as after a bath! 

Our feet make up an important part of our body and they need and deserve special care and attention too and so I will definitely recommend you to buy this spray. I will buy this foot spray again once this bottle finishes. 

Price and Availability: I bought this spray via an Oriflame consultant. This is her Facebook page Link, do check it out. Original price 699Pkr, currently this foot spray is on sale, worth 595Pkr. The sale will last till 31st December 2013. So I suggest stocking up this spray before the sale ends!

Points in favour:

  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Easy to use.
  • Keeps the feet fresh all day long.
  • Neutralises any foul odour on our feet.
  • Minty fragrance.
  • Reasonable price.

Points not in favour:

  • Can only be purchased via an Oriflame consultant. Not available at local drug stores. 

Rate: I will rate this foot spray 4.6/5


  1. Contact me next time for oriflame products :D

    Great post

    1. hehe thanks! :D
      You're an Oriflame consultant? Sure will! :)


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