Friday, 4 July 2014

Maybelline Fit Me Blusher.

Blushers are the best part of my make-up stash! You can step out with no makeup BUT blusher & it just completes your look! That little flush on the cheeks is totally amazing. Be it a day-time look or an evening look. Flushed cheeks are a must have! 

I will be reviewing Maybelline Fit Me blusher in Light Pink today. 

What does Maybelline say about this product?
Flawless blush that lets the real you come through.
Natural fade-free color.
Now in new shades!

Why You'll Love It

  • Lightweight pigments blend easily and wear evenly
  • Provides a natural, fade-proof cheek color that leaves skin the way it was meant to be… fresh, breathing, and natural
  • Oil-free, non-comedogenic, dermatologist tested

For Best Results

For a soft, natural look, brush color onto cheekbone, sweeping upward.

Maybelline's Fit Me blusher comes in 12 natural shades! Woah, now that's pretty huge, no? This means that you have ample options to choose from! I bought this shade somewhere around 6 months back and at that time I clearly remember I just had the option to choose from two or may be three shades. Probably because only those were instock at that particular time. 
The blusher comes in a black, hard plastic pan with a transparent lid. The packaging is totally chic! Transparent lids are a great deal when it comes to blushers especially, as they enable to see the colour thoroughly. This blusher like all other Maybelline fit me blushers come with a short handle blusher brush. Although I don't use it for applying the blush since it's very short and not dense and just not according to my taste. 
I use this blusher with either my Bourjois Kabuki brush or Abbamart Beau-make Angled Toray Contour Brush! It's a powdered blush. Does not appear chalky on the face, which is a plus point. Also, what I have noticed is that there is not a major fall out of the blusher in the pan unlike some other known brands' blushers. So thumbs-up for that Maybelline! 
Now the colour of the blusher. The name of the blusher is light pink but it does not appear as a light pink colour on my skin. And this is something I adore about this blusher! Light pinks don't suit most of the Asian skin tones, at least they don't suit me ( NC 25-30). But this colour appears more of a rose pink on me! It might not show up on very pale skin like for people who're NC15 or below. 
I agree that this blusher doesn't show up with one stroke/attempt. And I have to use multiple strokes to get the desired colour. But then I don't think that's an issue. Longevity of the blusher I'd say is not very appreciable. It fades away in few hours, approx 2 hours, in this scorching heat of Karachi. But when I apply this blusher with my Elf Makeup Mist & Set Spray it tends to stay there on my face for an entire day! (Credit goes to my elf makeup setting mist). 

I usually wear this blusher during the day, as it brings a natural, pink blush to my cheeks! 
Price & Availability:
I bought it around 6 months back from Scentsation, Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi worth 650Pkr. $5.99. The price may be subjected to change now. The product can be purchased locally from the local drugstores across the nation. In Karachi, you may find the product at Ebco at The Forum, Naheed Store, Scentsation, Dolmen Mall Clifton, Agha's etc. 
Points in Favour:
  • The colour appears as a very nice Rose pink on my skin.
  • Blusher doesn't appear chalky on my face.
  • No major fall out of the blusher in the pan.
  • Packaging of the product is very decent.
  • The blusher comes with a brush for the application.
  • Price of the blusher is reasonable. Thus pocket-friendly. 
  • Easily available.
  • Huge variety of the shades to choose from.
  • No weird fragrance noticed. 

Points not in favour: 
  • Can make people with paler skin tones totally washed-out! 
  • Staying power of the blusher alone is poor,
  • The packaging in my view is not travel friendly. Vulnerable to breakage.
  • The actual colour does not show up with a single or even double swipe. Have to use multiple strokes to build the actual colour. 


  1. Looks like a lovely shade.. love rosy pink blushers..

  2. The shade looks so pretty. I'll probably get this one :)

  3. Love your reviews they are always so informative :)

  4. lovely shade :)
    following you :)

  5. Pretty shade, great review :)

  6. The pink shade looks so pretty.

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