Monday, 14 October 2013

Oriflame's Eye-Lash Curler

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My review today is about an eyelash curler. Who doesn't want pretty, long lashes, eh? Everybody does right? I will be reviewing Oriflame's Eye-Lash Curler today. 

What does Oriflame say about this Curler?

Answer: Get dazzling lashes in only a few seconds with this easy-to-use lash curler that doesn't crease lashes. Use it before applying mascara for longer and prettier lashes. Made of nickel-free alloy. With burgundy rubber handles. 11x4cm.


1. This curler comes in an Oriflame plastic wrapper.

2. It is made up of nickel-free-alloy. And I love this the most about this tool. For all the readers who do not know what is nickel and how is it harmful to human skin: nickel is basically a greyish metal. And when you are in a repeated contact with this metal on your skin it can lead to a skin disease known as Allergic Contact Dermatitis. So make sure you use tools which are nickel free always!

3. It has burgundy coloured rubber handles. And burgundy coloured lash pad.

4. The rubber handles of this curler make it easy to use.
 5. It has a small Oriflame logo, engraved on top of the eye lash curler.

6. This is my first ever lash curler. I bought it like six months back. But never really used it because I had no clue about how to use lash curlers back then.
7. How to use it: 
  • Makes sure your lashes are dry and clean. Do not attempt on curling wet lashes.
  • Slightly heat your curler with a hair dryer. Make sure not to over heat it. Also be very very careful with using a heated curler since human eye is a very vulnerable organ. So be extra cautious while using the heated curler on your eye.
  • Open the curler, place all your upper eye lashes inside it. Make sure all the lashes are inside the curler including the smaller ones which are more on the inner side of the eye. 
  • Then carefully close the curler. If you feel the that the skin of your lid is pinching that means you are doing it wrong. So make sure you just pull in the lashes and not the skin of your eye lids in the curler.
  • Hold the curler in a way that it is parallel to your eye lashes. 
  • Hold the closed curler for ten seconds. Make sure you do not move your hand or face during these ten seconds. Keep them steady. 
  • Open the curler then. Re-do the procedure if you want some more volume. 
  • At the end, apply your mascara for an amazing effect.
  • And you are done! 
This lash curler does its job pretty well. But if I do not pre heat it and use it otherwise it does not make my lashes as long as it would have done if it was pre heated. When I pre heat it and use the curler I find more length in my lashes. But this is disappointing because mostly I have no time at all to pre heat the curler and then use it. 
Over all I think it is a more-than-average eye lash curler. If you are some one who has never used an eye lash curler before, you can start off with this Oriflame eye lash curler. 

Pricing and Availability: 
I bought this Curler from an Oriflame consultant. This curler is on sale in the current catalogue of oriflame which is valid till December 31st, 2013. And the sale price is 339Pkr. Actual price is 400Pkr. 

Points in Favour: 

  1. Made up of nickel free alloy.
  2. Has rubber handles, which are easy to use.
  3. Reasonably priced.
Points not in favour:
  1. If not pre heated, it does not lengthen the lashes amazingly.
  2. Can only be bought from an Oriflame consultant. Not available at local drug stores. 
Rating: I would rate this product 3/5.

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