Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Body Shop- Facial Brush.

Another tool to be reviewed today is a skin care tool. The Body Shop Facial Brush.

What does the body shop say about this facial brush?

This hygienic, compact brush lightly exfoliates and stimulates circulation improving skin tone and texture. For the best results use with the body shop facial washes and cleansers. Rinse and stand in protective cap after use.

 1. It is a small sized facial brush, comes with a protective cap/lid with which you cover the brush after using it. The brush contains medium sized, white bristles.

2. The small size of the brush makes it perfect for travelling.

3. In my view the small size facial brush is more controllable than the large facial brushes.

4. Since it is an exfoliating brush so it might be a little rough so I suggest to be careful while using it. Do not be really fast or hard with it on your skin especially if you are someone with a sensitive skin.

5. I have combination skin type, which means that my T zone produces excessive oil which can obstruct my pores and cause break outs. For which exfoliating my skin is necessary. And this brush in my view is an excellent exfoliator. 

6. How to use it: pour a small amount of your facial wash or cleanser or scrub on the brush, now start moving it in circular motions on your face. Make sure you are gentle on your skin or else you might end up hurting your skin since the bristles are kind of rough.

7. If you are some one with an acne prone skin I suggest you use this brush not more than once a week and be VERY VERY gentle with it. I wouldn't say that it is not for acne prone skin because they need exfoliation of their skin too. They just have to be a little more careful with this brush.

8. Use this brush to exfoliate your skin twice a week. Do not over exfoliate your skin or else you will end up with red bumps or redness on your face.

9. This brush can also be used to remove heavy makeup. Pour your makeup remover or a cleanser whatever you use on the brush and use it to remove makeup. 

10. Keep in my mind to allow the brush to completely dry before putting the plastic cap back on, to prevent the growth of micro organisms, as we all know that moisture is a very good medium for micro organisms to grow.

11. I just started using this brush lately so I am not sure about when will I replace it with a new brush but if you use it twice a week it will go a long way for you like for around a good 6-7 months. 

Picture showing white, medium-sized bristes.

Picture showing the protective lid/cap for the brush.

Pricing and Availability:
 I bought this brush from The Body Shop outlet located at the Dolmen City Mall, Karachi. Worth 490pkr. 

Rating: I would rate this brush 4/5.

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