Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Maryam's Five Summer Essentials!

It is so hot here in Karachi so I thought of doing a post on my 5 summer essentials. I will keep this post short and to the point. My 5 summer essentials for this heat and sunny weather consist of:

Soltan SPF 50++ Sunblock
It is a sunblock in a lotion form, best for my dry skin, it gets absorbed by the skin and keeps it hydrated. Best for Karachi's sun. Get yours from boots, or order online, they are usually on buy 1 get 1 offer =)

Garnier Flexible Hold Volumising Hair Spray
Summer for me is all about volumised all-natural hair. I was going to pick a dry shampoo instead of this, but then I realised a dry shampoo is not as important as this, its already hot, we are already taking shower everyday to keep ourselves cool, dry shampoo is not necessary. What is necessary is to keep our hair looking nice and volumised even after washing them everyday because of sweat. As i have wavy hair and bangs, the first day after shower they are a disaster, it takes time for them to get in shape and get texturised and form. So instead of straightening everyday after every shower, i just spray this, it gives amazing volume and texture to bangs, there is no need to blowdry or straighten everyday.

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Mist
It is so hot, a body mist keeps it nice and cool and there is no harm in spraying it every few hours to keep smelling fresh and good. This is an amazing scent, I love it so much I have already finished a bottle, and have ordered two more as a back up. Even thou I do layer it with my perfume, but if I have to keep it minimum to 5 products, I will definitely pick this over my perfume, just maybe because even if I put a lot of it, there will never be too much of it, and with perfume there is a tendency to go a bit overboard.

Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara
Mascara is must, and this iconic overcurl is just amazing, gives length and volume that I don't even feel the need to use fake lashes! I would pick this over liner on any hot day when i want bare to minumum makeup.

Chanel Rouge Allure in Malodieuse
Oh my God, it is such a gorgeous summer colour for those no makeup days. It has full coverage, you can layer it up for more buildup. It is hydrating and just glides on lips without drying them. Also has a good payoff time. So its a winner.

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