Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Scented Body Oil.

Finally got my hands on this scented body oil. Smelling great at ALL the times is one thing that should be everybody's top priority. Plus to be honest, mists and deodorants don't work much on me in this awful weather. So looking forward to this and hoping some great results!
*Fingers Crossed* 
How to use: Mix 2 drops body oil (I bought it in Red Apple) with any oil, I bought Sweet Almond Oil, so I'd mix it with this and apply all over the body after shower! 
Availability:These are available at Dolce & Saponaria (2nd floor Ocean Mall, Karachi).
  1. Sweet Almond Oil is worth 1300Pkr
  2. Body Oil in Red Apple is worth 610Pkr.

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