Sunday, 15 June 2014

Hair-Styling at Ireen's Signature Salon.

About Ireen's Signature Salon: This is a Karachi, Pakistan based salon. Located in the D.H.A. area of Karachi. For more information, please visit their Facebook page here.


I went to Ireen's for hair-styling yesterday. Took an appointment before since they don't entertain walk-ins most of the times. I was supposed to be there by 4.30pm but I got late and reached around 5.40pm  that's pretty late I know. But, they were generous enough to still take me in (since they close by 7.30pm). 
So moving forward, I showed their hairstylist this picture and asked her to do the same thing with my hair and strictly asked her not to put a lot of spray, since stiff hair is a MAJOR turn off for me. And she listened to EVERYTHING I told her!  
I wanted a fish-tail braid starting with a loose braid from above. I don't remember her name but she did an amazing job! The picture here doesn't do much justice so you might not be able to appreciate the hair-style much. Also this picture was taken around 12 at night. So my hair stayed amazing through-out (considering this weather & humidity). Oh and all their styles are worth 1000Pkr.

Over-all I had an amazing experience with them! :D


  1. That hairstyle is lovely and you are looking gorgeous.. :)

  2. I dont go for hair styles cox of hijab but this braid is soo neat and i love it :)


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