Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A Visit To The HubSalt.

Maryam, having a read during the Halo Therapy

Protective Footwear.

(Picture credits: Curls & Cookies)
Hub salt, as the name implies is the hub of salt therapy, also known as Halo Therapy. This is the first branch/outlet of HubSalt in Pakistan. 
We were invited to the HubSalt for a 45 minutes Salt Therapy Session. It is situated in a bungalow on main Shara-e-Faisal, Karachi. The place is one beautiful, calm & peaceful place to be at. We were welcomed by the lady in-charge there and were seated for approximately fifteen minutes before we were taken in for the therapy. 
Meanwhile waiting for the session, we were served with snacks and were made comfortable. The place around is very hygienic, has a lovely interior decor which caught our attention the most. 
Thereafter, we were told that the salt therapy room is ready and we can now go in. Since the salt therapy room is a clean, germ-free room, we were asked to take certain antiseptic measures like wearing of a proper protective foot wear and a cap to cover our heads. They also provide their customers with lockers to keep their belongings (bags, wallets etc) before going in to the salt therapy room. 
Salt therapy room is sort of a salt cave, where the walls of the room, ceiling & floor all were covered with Pink Himalayan Salt. The room was lit with dim orange lights. The Salt Room has an in-built generator which gives off salt into the air and the occupants of the room are suppose to sit back and relax and inhale that salt. This Halo therapy has several benefits; it helps with Skin & respiratory tract allergies, stress and boosts our immune system. This does not mean that one has to have a skin allergy or a respiratory tract infection to get this salt therapy. Everybody can get a salt therapy, it basically is for relaxing the human body. 
In a nutshell, we had a quality time at HubSalt. And we're extremely thankful to the management of HubSalt for having us over and giving us an opportunity to experience this wonderful Halo Therapy! 

For appointments & other queries/info, visit their Facebook page here: The Salt Secret. 


  1. Looks nice. Thanks for the review :)

  2. oh I have been to the salt therapy rooms in khewra mines,Jehlum.but they did not look this posh :p hahaha.seems like you had a great time.


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