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Ponds White Beauty Seven Day Challenge.

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Ponds recently relaunched their White Beauty Face Cream. The cream has been relaunched with better ingredients, formulas & with visible results.
Now the question, what is so good & different about this new version of Ponds White Beauty Face Cream?
The New Ponds White Beauty is made up of "GenWhite" formula which is professionally designed for deep absorption. This formula not only works on the surface of the skin but smoothly penetrates three layers deeper in to our skin and works from within to eliminate stubborn dark spots. Since dark spots are recurrent, they keep coming back so it's important to treat them from the root.
Ponds White Beauty's GenWhite formula contains 3 main ingredients:

  1. Pro Vitamins; to lighten skin, reduce dark sots & improve skin texture.
  2. Skin Benefit Actives; to moisturise & soothe skin. Also prevents oxidisation and ageing of the skin.
  3. Triple Sunscreen; to protect against the harmful UV rays of the sun.
Seven Day Challenge:

I did a seven day challenge using New Ponds White Beauty Cream and recorded the results for everyday until a week.
(Note: I have combination skin type with an excessively oily T-zone and a few scattered Acne marks.)

  • Day 1: The cream is super matte. Did not make my face sticky or oily. No strong or irritating fragrance. Most importantly, I did not feel anything heavy on my face which is a plus point since it let my skin breathe. 
  • Day 2: No significant results as yet in terms of reducing the dark spots. That being said, the cream blends well in to skin. Not very thick in consistency.  Does not produce any fake white cast on the face. 
  • Day 3: Again no significant reduction in the dark spots till now. The cream did not cause me any breakouts & so I can safely say that it didn't clog pores. I wore makeup over the cream today and it was smooth, did not notice any colour change of the base nor found the blending of the foundation difficult. So you can wear it underneath your makeup. 
  • Day 4: Noticed lightening of my acne marks, finally. Glad as it was working. The cream made my skin very dry over a few areas like chin and forehead. It kind of enhanced the dry patches on these areas.
  • Day 5: I had a black-grey acne mark on my cheek & it has been lightened to a greater extent. Although, I have a few tiny red acne marks too but didn't see much of their reduction. 
  • Day 6: My skin looks more radiant now. Totally surprised to see black-grey acne mark gone. Now that's some progress!  
  • Day & 7: Visible results; naturally radiant skin, red acne marks have started reducing too. Skin feels hydrated & is even toned. 
Points in Favour:
  1. Does not make face oily or sticky at all.
  2. Did not clog pores and cause any breakouts.
  3. No strong or irritating fragrance.
  4. The cream is very light-weight, it lets my skin breathe. 
  5. Travel friendly. Comes in a 50g jar.
  6. Totally affordable.
  7. Reduces dark spots & clears up the skin.
  8. Makes a good base for foundation and other makeup.
  9. Easily available at the local drug stores across Pakistan.
  10. Has Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15.
Points not in favour:
  1. Is over drying
My Verdict:
For the price that this cream comes in it's definitely worth a try! It will take some time to show significant results but I totally think it will be worth it. Seven days are not enough to actually comment on a products performance, but I noticed positive visible results in seven days too. For even better results I advice to continue using it.

Price: It is worth 220Pkr.

For more info & queries please visit the following  links to Ponds Twitter account & Facebook page:

(Note: This product is a PR sample, Sent to us by the company to use & review. But this in no way will alter our opinion about it. We will put forward our 100% reviews for our readers).


  1. Totally sound worth trying and what a benefit that it mattify the skin . will surely get my hands on this next time in market.

  2. What a detailed review! Thanks :)

  3. After reading your review just wana try it now

  4. Seems like a worth buying product esp for those with oily skin.. Nice review.. :)

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