Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Medora Lipsticks


Medora Flavour
Medora Flavour
Medora Flavour
Medora Flavour
Medora Terracotta
Medora Terracotta
Swatches: L: Flavour
R: Terracotta


Medora is a local Pakistani cosmetic brand. I have grown up seeing my mother & aunts wear medora lipsticks, thus being a very old & a popular brand of cosmetics in Pakistan.
Recently, I decided to buy Medora lipsticks & try them out since they are the new in! 
I bought Medora Matte range of lipsticks in shades Flavour (216) & Terracota (208).

Flavour is a matte, Rose pink with slight peachy undertones. This is my current favourite every-day kinda colour! I can wear this with nude face as well as with makeup! It just suits me in every way, be it bare face or with makeup! 

Terracotta is a matte, brown lipstick with orange undertones. I am not a big fan of brown lippies since they usually make my face appear washed out but to my surprise this colour did not! I kinda like it. I usually wear this with bare face or when wearing minimal makeup. It looks the best on me during the day time. This can make a perfect office wear colour! 

The texture of these lipsticks is matte. Like extremely matte. So make sure your lips are super hydrated & scrubbed properly before wearing Medora matte lippie else it has the tendency to settle in dry lines of the lips. It can make your lips very dry at times so you can always couple a matte medora lipstick with your favourite lip balm. 
They are amazing in terms of longevity. Lipstick stays put on my lips for straight three to four hours (provided I don't eat or drink in between). 

The best part about Medora lipsticks is that it has a wide range of colours to choose from! And different finishes like semi-matte, glossy etc. 

Price & Availability:Worth 110 Pkr each. If you're in Karachi, you can get these from Imtiaz, Naheed, Uzma Centre (near Schon circle), Gulf market and other local drug stores across the nation. 

Points in Favour:
  • Wide range of colours & different finishes to choose from
  • Staying power of the lipstick is for a good 3-4 hours.
  • Easily available at local drug stores (in Pakistan).
  • Very very affordable.
  • Pigmentation is really good. One or two swipes is all you need!
Points not in favour:
  • Matte Finish lipsticks can make lips very dry, Prior scrubbing and hydration of the lips is important.
  • Can settle in to dry areas/lines of the lips.


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