Thursday, 4 September 2014

How to fix a broken blush.

Heart breaks whenever we break one of our favourite makeup products, especially powder based products. Today I am going to tell you guys a quick DIY, to fix a broken blush. This is not only for blushers but by this tutorial you can fix any powder based makeup product! 

Things You Need:
1. A broken blush/compact powder.
2. Alcohol swab.
3. Spoon or a wooden tongue depressor. (I'm using a tongue depressor here).
4. Coin


1. Take your broken blush or broken compact powder.

2. Now take a spoon or a wooden tongue depressor & break the bigger chunks of the powder in to small pieces. Carefully crush all the bigger chunks. And then spread the crushed powder evenly in the whole pan.

3. This is how it looks after breaking the bigger chunks of the blusher powder. With using slight pressure press this crushed powder in the pan.

4. Clean the edges with a Q-tip or tissue paper. Be very careful. It should look something like this by now.

5. Now take an alcohol swab. Spread it over the blusher pan like this. You can use multiple alcohol swabs for bigger blusher pans. 

6. Now take a coin, place it over the alcohol swab as shown below & using a finger press it evenly. Keep pressing for 4-5 mins. Remove the swab and see if all the powder has been stuck together. If needed use more alcohol swab.

7. By now your blusher pan should look something like this. Clean the edges with a tissue paper or a Q tip. But be very careful as the powder in the pan right now is still wet & not properly fixed. Keep a light hand.
Let it dry for a while or even better if you can keep it for drying over night. Do not use it instantly after fixing it.

8. Annndd it's done! Tadaa! ^_^
Sanitise the lid of the pan carefully and it's good to use! Although the texture of the blusher in the pan won't be as smooth as new but it is totally usable! :)


  1. Very nice..thanks for sharing.. I was just wondering can we do the same for broken face powders too..? Plus I have always using alcohol swabs safe to use for this purpose as the products comes in contact with our skin..? I have sensitive skin so I have always wanted to know this..

    1. Thankyou for the appreciation Huda. And yes you can do the same for face powders, eye shades & almost every powder based makeup product.
      Secondly, yes it is safe to use alcohol swabs for this purpose and it wouldn't really affect the skin in a bad way. The same alcohol swabs are also used for the purpose of sanitizing our makeup products. So it's completely okay to use them.
      Let the blush/compact powder dry for a while & then use it. Don't use it instantly. :)

    2. To add more huda , same swabs are used after piercing for cleaning...

    3. Thanks Nida and Faryal... Now I can try this too... :)

  2. Nice trick faryal. Very helpful post <3

  3. I love the way u do your posts :) They are always so informative :)

  4. Such a useful post...great!!
    I am following ur blog. Plz follow me back at:

  5. i tried this trick many time on fix my broken blushes and it really works :)

  6. Very informative post :) Thankyou Faryal.


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