Monday, 1 September 2014

Launch of Shamaeel Ansari's Latest Line of Vintage Couture & Bridals.

Picture Credits: Curls & Cookies

Picture Credits: Curls & Cookies

Shamaeel Ansari, the queen of glamour & style world & a renowned fashion designer of Pakistan's Fashion Industry, lately launched her latest line of Vintage Couture & Bridals at her residence. 
The event, which took place on 29th August, 2014 was attended by society's elite, media representatives &  selected beauty and fashion bloggers. 
Shamaeel Ansari showcased her latest collection, which included marvellous over-coats, jackets, gorgeous saaris, long dresses etc and were beautifully set up on mannequins. The evening was splendid followed by a scrumptious high-tea served to the guests. I was accompanied by my fellow bloggers and truly enjoyed the evening. 
And, it doesn't end here, all the guests at the event were gifted goody bags by Shamaeel Ansari and Ponds, since Shamaeel Ansari also happens to be one of  the spokesperson for Ponds Pakistan. The goody bags by Shamaeel Ansari included a trendy, floral print clutch bag. Ponds goody bag included a Ponds Age Miracle Day Cream & a Ponds USB key chain.
In a nut shell, the event was perfectly organised. 
Marketing was managed by Marium Arif-Fahad for Shamaeel & Golin Harris for Ponds.
Special thanks to Marium Fahad (Team Shamaeel Ansari).  
Picture Credits: Professional photographers at the event. 


  1. U are looking fab, wonderful event n great gifts... 》》♡♡《《

  2. Every one is looking gorgeous <3
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  3. Great event and great gathering.. Everyone is looking fab... <3


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