Sunday, 15 November 2015

BLACK FRIDAY-Biggest Sales Of The Year!

Every year several countries prepare themselves for the biggest shopping day of the year. On the last Friday of every November, millions of people prep up to buy anything and everything available on enormous discounts that are being offered in stores. While the major categories are electronics such as TVs, laptops, gaming systems and mobile phones, fashion and beauty are a close second. It’s the ultimate discount day, getting more and more popular each year. People can afford what they normally wouldn’t be able to on any other regular day.
Originally starting in America, the concept was initiated by Macy’s during their Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924. Next year other stores followed their example. The trend soon caught on and massive sales became a nationwide sensation, marking the start to the holiday season. Several countries such as Canada, Germany, India, The UK, Nigeria and Costa Rica have very recently seized the concept and introduced the annual sale as well. Pakistan is fashionably late to the party but thanks to we finally made it.
Although it has been around for almost a century, the day was officially given the name Black Friday in the 1960s and by the 1990s it had become a worldwide phenomenon. People often wonder why black, a colour with a negative connotation is linked with a day that is so widely celebrated. There is, however, a well-thought-out reason behind this, profit is recorded in black ink on the balance sheet and since this day is incredibly profitable for retailers and shoppers alike, it was given the name Black Friday.
Each passing year, the number of shoppers is increasing, 89 million in 2012 were 140 million last year, however, there has been a change in consumer behaviour. More and more people are choosing an alternative to standing and queues and camping outside stores – they are shopping for the same deal available in brick and mortar stores online.

Retailers are rapidly adapting to this change in consumer shopping habits as now most of the Black Friday sales are being made online. Ecommerce in Pakistan is also at an all-time high, more and more people are shopping and online and the timing of bringing Black Friday to Pakistan is absolutely impeccable. No standing in queues or waiting outside stores for the shops to open – just a few clicks needed to avail the best discounts. is bringing this glorious shopping day to Pakistan for the first time ever. The much awaited sale will hit the website at 12am on the 27th of November at, bringing discounts Pakistan has never seen before! So don’t get in line, go online!

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