Sunday, 19 January 2014

Loreal Super Liner Gel Intenza

Hello lovely readers. What's up? How is everything at your end?  Today we come up with another exciting review for our readers. For the first time on our blog we'll be reviewing a gel-eyeliner today! This is going to be one exciting post for ALL the gel-eyeliner lovers out there!

Today's review is on "Loreal Super Liner Gel Intenza".

According to L'oreal:

A long-lasting waterproof eyeliner with an intense and bold colour result. The high-precision brush makes application easy and creates a perfectly smooth line. An ultra-quick drying effect creates a smudge-free, dramatic look that lasts up to 24 hours.

My Review:

I have found my soul mate. I am the happiest person on earth. Liner is something I absolutely cannot live without, thus began my excruciating journey of finding the best liner there is. From liquid liners to pencil liners, I couldn't find anything up to my expectations. Then came Maybelline gel liner, and I was happy, but now not being ungrateful but after finding Loreal gel intenza, my Maybelline one has gone down the bin( it was dried up anyways).
The only complain I had with Maybelline gel liner was about it drying up. Thou it was amazing price wise at 1100 Rs, compared to L'oreal one at 1800 Rs.

I have only used gel intenza in black, so I can only comment on that. It is by far the most pigmented and smooth liner I have used. It is very creamy and applies like a dream. It lasts all day without smudging. Also is waterproof.

I like the brush too, the grip is amazing, and can be used for thin or thick line.

Loreal Super Liner Gel Intenza Swatched.

Points in Favour:

  • Blackest black:)
  • Amazing staying power.
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to put on.

Points against:

  • Expensive compared to maybelline one
  • For some people it might dry out sooner if you are careless about its cap.
  • People might not like the brush because its not angled, but i like it.

My Rating:

Found mine at ebco for 1800rs at loreal counter, available at most stores around the city.


  1. Wow this looks great and am loving the swatches.. but yeah a bit expensive especially when there are other cheaper options available here ...Thanks for sharing :)

    1. But its better thn the maybelline one in terms of drying=)
      my pleasure:)

  2. Its in my wishlist, will grab it soon :)

  3. can it be used on waterline ?? loving the swatches and u have beautiful eyes :)

    1. yes:) i love mine on the waterline too without any irritation:)
      (might irritate really sensitive eyes or contact lens wearer, so wear with caution)

    2. then i can go for it ... i m actually looking out something for waterline :)

  4. woww i love the way its looks , nice review x

  5. Anyvody told ya your eyes look like Jaquelin fernands eyes i know i spell rong but who cares lol lovely but bit pricey

    1. hahaha how sweet anila :P thank you;)
      yeah true it is pricier then maybelline wala :)

  6. Anyvody told ya your eyes look like Jaquelin fernands eyes i know i spell rong but who cares lol lovely but bit pricey

  7. my fave is catrice gel eyeliner jack black.i like the texture of this one too though.Looks lovely on your eyes.
    PS:Following you :) do check my blog too


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