Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Exam Fever:)

EXAMS!!!! - A torture!

I hate exams! I think everybody does.
Exams make me sleepy, just the sight of open book makes me hungry or sleepy! I swear.
I am one of those people who don't study all year, but cram up a night before.
Not recommended, my readers:)
I am not the best person here to give advices but this habit of mine makes me panic a night before, and it's not a good feeling trust me!
I would suggest, study little but consistently all year, revision is the key to having good exams:)
Don't neglect your diet or give up on your sleep. Proper sleep and food before exams in mandatory! Other wise you guys will end up like me every year promising I will study from next year for sure:p

And a little gajar ka halwa while studying harms no one!


  1. awww maryam. wish you all the best. I never studied whole year and always got perfect grades but I remember I ruined my 2nd year due to this habbit.

    1. Thanks:) and lol, we never learn:p

  2. Best of luck Maryam! The first pic with that adorable kitty is so cute! x

  3. Best of luck dear ... may u succeed in all exams of ur life x


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