Sunday, 29 December 2013

How To Organise The Make-Up Dresser!

Hey gorgeous girls. How is the weekend coming along? Sundays have been lazy and slow and boring for me. While I sit here and write down this blog post I'm very cold and my hands are totally freezing! The lowest predicted for today is 7 degrees! That's very low! 

Today this blog post is a different one. Not really some review on any product nor any tutorial. Today I am going to write about how I set up my make-up dresser and how do I store my make-up stuff and other related things. Not that I have really enormous collection or something but the little I have it has to be stored in a proper decent way. Messed up dressers literally turn off everyone I'm sure. Like our wardrobes, bookshelves even our dressers have to be organised! 

So here I am today, writing a post on How to organise make-up dresser. 

Below is a picture showing my make-up dresser:

Things needed: 

  • Make-up dresser (Obviously :p)
  • Few plastic containers/boxes
  • Pencil holders/ Spare mugs
  • Table mat/ table cloth.

How to set up your dresser table:

 As you can see my dresser in the picture above. It has a glass table with three drawers. 
I have covered my dresser table with a table mat. Obviously it's not necessary but to give it a clean, decent look I covered my table. It also helps prevent the glass underneath from getting dusty and dirty often. So it's up to you if you want to cover your dresser table or not. As you can appreciate from the picture above I have just kept three things on the top of the table. Usually people fill up the entire top table with all their make up stuff which is not really bad but this way your dresser looks more neat and gives a sophisticated look. Which is why I have kept my entire make-up and stuff inside the drawers. On the top of the table I have just set up tow mugs one for holding my make-up brushes and the other for holding my comb and hair brush. Also, I have kept my moisturiser bottle on the table for instant use. Since our skin is prone to dryness in this cold chilly weather I decided to keep a moisturiser bottle on top of the table for easy and quick access. 

The idea behind keeping minimal things on the dresser table is to protect your make-up products from environmental dust and to avoid cleaning your stuff very often. 

How to set up the make-up drawers:

As you all can see in the picture above I have used plastic containers/ boxes to store my make-up. You don't have to go buy these containers, I'm sure all of you would have these at your home. The right place to find these containers is your kitchen! Hehe. These containers shown in the picture are basically the food boxes we get usually during take-aways and deliveries. My mother usually gets them washed and stores them for later use. And that is when I decided to utilise these as storage boxes for my make-up. I picked up around 8-9 small sized plastic containers. You can pick up more if you have a huge make up collection, mine ain't that big :p 
Then I categorised the boxes for different purposes;

Box 1: All lip care products like my lip balms.
Box 2: eye cream, night cream, protective body balms
Box 3: lip pencils, eye pencils, eye liners, brow definer pencils, concealers, eye primer, mascaras.
Box 4: make-up sponges, beauty blender.
Box 5: nail colours, hand sanitisers.
Box 6: face primer, foundation, BB creams, tinted moisturisers.
Box 7: necklaces, neck beads, lockets.
Box 8: bobby pins, coloured hair pins, 
Box 9: eyeshadow palettes, single eye shadows
Box 10: hand creams, foot creams, foot gel.
Box 11: finger rings, hair clips, other small hair accessories.
Box 12: it's a huge jewellery box. Where I store all my bangles and other jewellery and hair accessories.

Here's a picture of the second drawer of my dresser:

In this half of the second drawer I have stored things bigger in size like my body shop gift boxes, perfumes, body mists, foot spray, body roll on, my sunblock, my watch (contained in the red coloured watch box).

In this half of my second drawer I have stored my entire lipstick collection. I bought this lipstick holder/container for storing my lipsticks, as you can see in the picture above. It's a hard plastic container, easily available in the market everywhere. If you do not want to buy a separate lipstick holder/container that's fine too as you can use a plastic box for storing lipsticks and lip glosses etc. 
Also, I have stored my compact powders, highlighters, blushers in a plastic container/box. Also I have kept few of my acne related medical ointments in a corner of this drawer. Also I use a body talc which is stored in this half of my drawer as seen in the picture above. 

That's all about my make-up storage and make-up dresser! Hope you guys like the post. (:


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