Thursday, 26 December 2013

TBS Exfoliating Bath Gloves.

What does The Body Shop say about this product?

Answer:  These bath gloves increase the lather of your body wash and whisk away dead skin cells. 

  1. Remove dead skin cells.
  2. Increase the lather of your body wash.
  3. Leave the skin feeling softer and smoother.


I never knew about the existence of these gloves until, one day when I saw them on sale on an online facebook page. Although I still wasn't sure about buying them but then I decided to give them a try. 
I absolutely LOVE these gloves! They are one of the finest things TBS has come up with.

As the name suggests, these are basically exfoliating gloves. Exfoliation is an important part of our skin care regime, be it facial exfoliation or the whole body exfoliation, we should never skip it! Especially in this dry, cold weather our skin all over the body needs extra care and attention and this is where these bath gloves come in action. Also, exfoliation helps improve our blood circulation which in turn helps in regeneration of new skin cells on our body. 

These gloves come in a variety of gorgeous colours. I own two pairs of these gloves, in pink and light green colour. In case you're wondering about the size of these gloves, they are stretchable. That means they can be stretched to fit any hand size with ease. These gloves are made up of nylon woven material. A loop is given on each glove for the purpose of hanging once we are done using them. 

How to use these glove?

It's very simple;

  • I wear these gloves on my hands.
  • Put some water on them, enough that they become wet.
  • Then I pour my body wash on one of the gloves and then I rub my hands together, make a good lather and then I use it to exfoliate my skin. 
  • After am done using them, I rinse my gloves with warm water and hang them to the wall and let them dry. 
  • That's it!


After the first use I was totally impressed with the results! My skin felt incredibly soft and smooth. Honestly, I couldn't believe my skin it was as soft as a newborn's skin. Initially I used these gloves every alternate day but now I use them twice a week maximum. I think twice a week is fine as over-exfoliation is not good too. These gloves work miraculously. They efficiently remove all the dead and scaly skin. Gradually with multiple use, I feel my skin has become more vibrant, glowing and feels completely fresh. 

These gloves are not at all abrasive to the skin. People with sensitive skin can use them too, but they have to take care and make sure they're not harsh on their skin with these gloves on. When using these gloves I believe there is no need of a body scrub. I have never used these gloves with a body scrub. I usually use these with my TBS White Musk Libertine Shower Gel. The amount of lather these gloves make when using with a body wash is not really massive. It's just moderate I would say. But it still works wonders for the skin. The moment you're done using them and you touch your skin you would just fall for these gloves, they work so amazingly. The gloves are very flexible. Having said that these can reach almost all the hard-to-reach areas on your body where the usual bath sponges and bath brushes cannot reach. But since these are on our hands we can flex them to reach all these minute areas too. 

I'm not sure if one can use these gloves on their face or not but I recommend to not use them for exfoliation of the face, as face is a sensitive part of our body. And the skin on face is way different than the skin present on other parts of our body. So avoid using them on your face. You can use them on the neck though but make sure you are not very rough. I have been using these gloves for around four five months now and they are still in good quality and shape. I haven't noticed any tearing of the glove material as yet.

Over-all I think these gloves are a must-have to combat dry, rough, scaly skin especially in winters. 

Gloves after use hung to the wall to dry.

Price and Availability: The first pair of these gloves I bought online from a Facebook page, Lush Grooming Bargains worth 160pkr ( an amazing bargain, no?) and the second pair I bought from The Body Shop outlet located at the Dolmen City Mall, Karachi worth 290Pkr. Can be bought from any TBS outlet located nation-wide. 

Points in favour:

  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • The material of the gloves is not at all irritating to the skin.
  • Gloves are stretchable. Can be stretched to fit any hand size.
  • A loop is given on each glove to hang them after using.
  • Can be washed with water easily.
  • Easy to use.
  • Highly effective.
  • Exfoliates the skin all over the body very efficiently.
  • Good Alternate to a body scrub. 
  • Will last for a good 8-9months.
  • They are not at all abrasive to the skin.
  • Good for use in winters.

Points not in favour:

  • Honestly I can't think of any. 

Rate: I will rate these 4.9/5.


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    1. These are mindblowing, you should get them fast! :)

  2. I got them on TBS sale. Now I'd never need an exfoliating body was :)

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    1. Indeed they are the best exfoliators! :)


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