Saturday, 2 May 2015

Color Studio & Debenhams Spring Summer 2015 Trends Reveal.

I'm sure all of you must be aware of the leading cosmetics brand Color Studio and one of the UK's top fashion and beauty retail store Debenhams. This Spring and Summer season Color Studio in collaboration with Debenhams brings their customers some really great beauty and fashion must haves.
A small bloggers meetup was organised at Debenhams, Dolmen City Mall, Karachi where various summer spring 2015 fashion and beauty trends were showcased. The event was attended by several bloggers from the Pakistani Beauty bloggers community. 

Fashion and beauty trends showcased at the event included: 

1. Famous Seventies Chic
2. Blues & Stripes
3. Urban Safari
4. Sherbet Shades

The event was a pretty success, followed by a discussion session with the Color Studio brand manager Farah Shahid and Debenhams brand manager. 
This was followed by a quick make-up tutorial session, where Color Studio's official makeup artist Sobia Aqil demonstrated a makeup look for the audience.

Looking forward to an amazing Spring Summer 2015! :)

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